Friday, July 1, 2016




Do you look for me
Amongst the pages
Of the unwritten book

Will you seek
To discover
If l still feel for you
In the poems
That l write

Do you wonder
If you are still alive
Like a flaming fire
Breathing in
my unquenching desire

Do you search for me
In the darkness
of your nights

Do you remember
My voice that once
Caressed and fed
Your hungry passion
As you adorned me
With your poetic lines

Am l just another
fading memory
A fleeting moment
Of conquests
Of weakness
Of loneliness
Of gratifying
Our own pride
Has my voice already
Faded into the hollowness
Of your darkest nights

Yet a spark of hope
Longs to entertain
The thought
That l might still
caress your aching heart

Do your eyes
Absorbe my images
Floating in and out
Lingering through
your troubled mind

We both knew
It could never be
Your desired fantasies
Do you search for me
In the yesterday's
Of our stolen Ecstasies

Will you reminisce
Our conversations
For l feel our connection
Is still very much
I still feel your thoughts
Caressing me
And l wonder is it
Just my make believe

Have l slipped and soaked
Into the crevices of your
Wandering hungry mind
For you it seems
have found quiet residence
in the corners of mine

Since we're now apart
I have discovered
you have silently
fallen in the secret cracks
Of my tender fractured heart
Angel Bell (c) 2016


What a harlequin fool
To challenge the devil
Thriving on the risk
Tempting her own fate

Knowing full well
Her soul was at stake
She took the chance
To take on the date

Carelessly falling
into his deciectful trap
Foolishly landing
Straight into his lap

Throwing caution
To the wind
Knowing full well
He had become
Her Weakened sin
Tipping the way to hell

Two duels
Harlequin fool
Selfish pride
Playing to each beat

Leaving the doors
Open wide
As they turned up
Their lusticious
pent up heat

Challenged she
Stole the chance
Foolish thoughts
Just one last dance

Abused true loves trust
Pressed Upon the sword
He was pushed and thrust

No where to hide
From the cruelest kind
Crushed his pride
With a thoughtless mind

Watch the arrow
Fly with the dart
As she stupidity
Broke his heart

Feeling like a fool
he stood there watching
To her Dance as the
Court jester tart
Angel Bell (c) 2016

IF L WERE....!

If l were a kite
Would you let me fly
Soar in the breeze
Amidst the blue skies

If l were a mocking bird
Let me sing to you
Would you set me free
Or keep me in a cage

If l were a book
Would you read me
From start to finish
Absorbe every page

If l was a poem
Would you dress
And decorate your being
With my prophetic prose

If l were a garden bed
Would you prune and
tend to me that of a
Delicate fragrant rose

If l were a ship
Lost and off course
Would you calm the waters
And be my leading light

If l were rejected and forsaken
Would you be the glue
To heal my broken
lonesome heart

If l were a weak
and prideful sinner
Would you be a merciful Lord
My one and only salvation

If l were but a mere lost soul
Stumbling for the truth
Would you die on the cross for me
Give to me your eternal redemption

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