Friday, July 1, 2016




You invented me as Pygmalion created his goddess. Pygmalion fell in love with the marble's brightness. Are you in love with me or the moon's sadness? The weather is changing so the sky can be starless. Pygmalion had at least the marble's brightness. The blue sky wrapped in your eyes is cloudless. You have at least your hope's freshness. I have plenty of smoke in my lungs and my ink's madness. You invented me to have your goddess. You didn't make me of marble so my life can't be endless.

Hello airplanes!
Do keep your ears in my words of praise!
The best world is a chair in a plane.
The best world is the air in the childhood's fairy tale.
Who can guess why I sketched my plane ticket in my pen
The best world is something without any name.
Love might find its game in a heart's flame.
Time never sleeps in small or large beds.
Hello airplanes!
Don't you like me or are you fed up with my chase?
Do knit my roads with your speedy hands!

The sun and the moon never meet to wed.
A spider is used to its web.
There is something called a destiny's frame.
Being painted with the brush of a pale shade it never allows anyone to escape.
Romeo! Have you found your Juliet?
A human's life is a drop of rain.
It gets lost in the ground to appear again.
There is no destiny after death.
There is something which is called space.
Your earthly tears might be something else.
They have turned to the cranes which are flying sails.
A human's life might be calm or mad.
However it drips like a drop of rain.
Romeo! The moonlight can kiss your Juliet.
Romeo! Don't be sad!
Your lips might be there.
Your wedding might be held.
There is no destiny after death.


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