Friday, July 1, 2016



Beautiful thoughts emerge and die
Silently cremated beside
ephemeral dreams,
In darkness ghostly dreams haunt
Lingering as autumn leaves on the ground
Look up  towards the stars but
Badly failing to reach.
End up,in a stingy compost pit.

Dwindling in the present
Dreaming of a beautiful tomorrow
Wade the swamp with travail
The known truth-
Scuffling off the mortal self
The burial of our barren principles
end up,sucked-in by a quicksand
The world oblivious of the outstretched hand sinking slowly.

In the cold tempting mirage seen
Dreams swirl in circles as rolling dices
Whispers of cravings hard to resist.
Locked up in a tower of delusion
Losing the key to freedom
End up ,joining  a circus parade bandwagon .

This is amazing~~
dream , wish , pray
But never believe in doing.
Life is like a paper- mache
Outcry ,cry wet in adversity
Once dry-
Fair weathered paint mask
Of betrayal and inhumanity .
End up, floating with double edged hypocrites.
Tra la la~~~ Life is good.


Just like ocean tides break rocks and boulders ;
And scatter them on the banks as sand,
Women you have broken time and again ,
Searching your identity amongst the rubble.
You are a daughter , a lover, a wife , a mother;
Broken into fragments by time .
For ages have not seen the sunshine;
Have not heard the wind whisper your name,
You have sacrificed yourself without a claim,
Have heard own sighs in silence.
Now it's time break your rusted shackles;
Pick up your broken fragments .
Explore , introspect , find you in yourself ...
Blood smeared dreams died an unnatural death
Your longing blood like a burning candle will cease,
Stop the act of longing appease.
Say goodbye to crestfallen nights of lust and greed.
Remember you too were born with desires and passion,
You're as much omniscient as saints and shaman
Women you have the power and depth of a sea .
Don't look for, you already have an identity -
Just name and write your own destiny.

©nsamanta 26.3.2016.

Every sunset blood red
Leaves me sodden in mystery  tears
Falling curtain of the day invites
Purple and blue surreal dreams
Shackled in manacle of deceit I bleed
Loneliness ravenous like vampire feast
Dark shadow licks my saccharine wound.
Night sinks in an ark of darkest cloud.
Stars speak distorted truth in silent gestures
Allure whispering blue storms
To hold someone close to me I long
A machismo to my rescue come
Before I melt into the depths of the night.
Hold me in a warm embrace and
Fiery kisses illuminate my tiny firmament
Warmth seep into my precipitated blood
Whisk me to the dawning light
Love paint the horizons red.


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