Thursday, March 1, 2018




Hopefully I have left @ His will!
How long can I bear that drooping fill!

Simply taken a deep breath and maintaining chill.
This keeping low can’t be me.
I am Diva- “The Right Direction” and has to be always glee.

Will not be dying any more for love and respect,
Those who adore will undeniably explore.

Will not seek for approvals,
Simply tread on with all negative removals.

I want to be my own self,
Vows at the moment whether it suits yourself.

This “The Right Direction” will plume soon
And make a name for her own self.


Early to bed, early to rise,
Makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.
But this superwoman as I would call,
Impeccably does her chores.
Gets up unbeatably early,
Successfully accomplishes all her errands very dearly.

Engulfs a cheerful smile,
Spreads love and care all the while;
Among expecting, ungraeful lot.
Lil realising bout her happy realm,
Bestows all her adoration and charm.

Still gets nothing warm,
But yes boiling rebukes and frowns forlorn.
Really wonder how heartless, how ungrateful one can be!
How can  they simply forget,
We are all on a cosmotic journey all set.


How can I be so insane!
Expecting from an unworthy mane.

Lil he cares what you say,
But lives his life in his own way.

Sans realising his foul tongue,
Dismays the lady’s heart unsung.

Not even executing the fatherly ways,
Keeps arrogance and pride at his bay.

Many a times I realise it’s not the way,
To ruin my life by becoming an unworthy man’s prey.

Sitting in a pensive mood,
Questions myself- Is this the life you wanna lead?

Come on! Take a strong leap.
Come out of this pathetic grief.


Dr. DISHA, a Doctorate in American Literature is a prolific poetess and a freelancer holding an experience of 12 years in teaching Post Graduate classes at the University. Currently, she is the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Liberal Arts at GNA University. Dr. Disha is the Basic Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and holds sessions for a beautiful and healthy way of living life. Dr. Disha is twice the recipient of the Best Researcher’s Award in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and has her chapters published in various Literature and Multidisciplinary books. Dr. Disha has to credit more than 40 research papers and articles published in National and International Journals of great repute. She is even the writer to the NCERT English and EVS books for the schools. Recently, she is been acknowledged with the Certification in “The 2017 Poetry Full Marathoner” that happened across the world; and Dr. Disha was among the 5 Indians who participated in penning down a poem for every 24 hours and her creation of poem is published in the book in USA. Dr. Disha has even attended TED Talk


  1. wow Disha I am loving your poetry... so perfect... BRAVO TO YOU

  2. Thanks dear Deborah for your loving review