Thursday, March 1, 2018




I came to your well-groomed grave
silently, calmly covered,
allow me to colloquy
the words worrying me to penetrate.
You are in eternity, perhaps disappointed
the years flow, your name stands stoic,
in this conglomerate rocks remember you
but, the less valuable stones also find place.
You say, take care of the meritorious
jury, don't be away from the real merits,
wrap me on the sheet to not know
do not want to see the black stains!
From the time you are Afraid
your shadow wanders hopeless,
requires purification, source of eternity
judges the unrighteous, the winner that explodes.
I’ ll tell you, see again the sun went under the clouds,
I do not know, maybe it is a sinner
or even is ashamed
cries hidden behind your sheet.
One day, chess figures will find a place
the king of knowledge will dance the last waltz,
rest in silence, the knight of strength
to kingdom of technology, you have given hope.
I do promise, you will be freed from sinners
he / she boasting are with prize,
anathematized will be up to the day of judgment
Nobel Prize judges , mercenaries of price hunters!
Refused Nobel Prize in Literature 1964
Jean-Paul Sartre


Blackened are feelings
confused, disappointed, desperate
extremely disgraced
said .. cup is filled
I look for friendships to drink
trying concerns to deflect!
Tomorrow maybe
I do not know, I just say maybe
I will try to stretch the hand of the beggar
penny one, two, will be given
air, water, I have from the Great Lord
I know,
down at the bridge of hope
homeless are waiting for me
yes, I know, they are there
my friends, soul-disgraced!

you poet, please do write this too,
I, without the homeland, I do have nothing!

I looked at him, speechless
having a sensitive nature
money, fortune for me are strange
in me, I do feel love
for the poor, beggars down at the abyss!
Hardly surviving ....

My hands are trembling
shelter, the letters can not find
in the spirit I feel terrified
my hot room scolds me
I have closed my eyes,
trying to get away from the time of crime
to pour tear, one, two
can not, my feelings are frozen !!!!


Please, do allow me
to drunk the troubled soul of mine
embrace the golden rays!
I see, under my window is
sitting on the cold midnight rock
poverty has abandoned, the abducted old man
smoking is inherited pipe
fumes wave, the only companions
tonight, there, I would like to toast!
I have to invite
blood, my flesh, successors
wish the best to old man‘s coming New Year
ehh..I know
in space we are a momentum!
I do wonder
If, he has someone
being afraid, right to ask maybe I do not have
rich with kids, yes, I am
again and again I do pray
let us enrich tonight, his, the midnight fiesta.
they came, sitting next to me, near the old man
ah...the poor regime
the youth has sacrificed for it,
eh, rugged, tear drops
he, The Mausoleum
the only toast would like have
New Year's Eve, only with him
I WANT to be with!


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