Thursday, March 1, 2018




Without love I’m a clanging cymbal
A noisy gong
If I spoke in the language of a heavenly angels song
If I prophesied all God’s secret plans
And all knowledge I did understand
If I had faith and mountains could move
Without love what would that prove
If I gave everything I had to the poor
Sacrificed my body and gave even more
I’d gain nothing if I didn’t have love
Without love there’s not any point of
Helping a brother who is in need
Or a hungry person to feed
Love is patient,
love is kind
Love is God from beginning of time
Love does not envy,
It does not boast
Love is Father, Son
And Holy Ghost
Love is not proud
It is not rude
Love is not hot or cold
Based upon a mood
Love does not anger easily and does not seek itself
Love is an open book
Not to be kept upon a shelf
Love does not in evil delight
Rejoicing in truth it sheds its light
No record of wrong does it keep
Love flows as wide as it is deep
Love always protects
Always hopes and trusts
Love perseveres as true love must
Love never gives up but in faith prevails
Through every circumstance, it does not fail
All childish things have been put away
And with perfect clarity we will see one day
Things may be clouded, partial and not so sweet
But then we will know everything as God knows us complete
All things one day will pass away
But there are three things that forever will stay
Faith, hope, and love, these three will remain
Love being the greatest forever to reign


And I reach for the place beside me in bed
Where once you used to lay your head
Your pillow unruffled, your scent long gone
But your memories in my heart stay strong
I dream of all the could have beens
And you’re beside me once again
I caress your face and hold your hand then
You smile and we kiss, don’t want it to end
In the afterglow of love closely you hold me
Content in this moment forever I’ll be
But all too soon I awake and you’ve slipped away
As life without you takes me to another day
And again I will reach for your place in my bed
Where once upon a time you laid your head


Take me back to those yesteryears
When a child again I can be
Building sand castles in the sand
Running so wild and free

Take me back to those simpler times
When a care in this world I had none
When all the world was my stage
And my days were so much fun

Take me back to those days long gone
Playing tag in the yard with my friends
Carefree were those days of yore
I never wanted them to end

Take me back to memories of long ago
When the woods behind the school became
A place of dreams and enchantments
Exploring deeper into this realm untamed

Take me back to when imaginations
And magical summer days seemed long
I was a princess awaiting her knight in shining armor
Or a cowgirl on her horse singing a happy trails song

Take me back, oh please take me back
To a life of innocence and childhood days
Backyard tents, sleeping under the stars
Those times I sometimes wished they'd stayed

Take me back if just for a moment
Running free and happy at play
To be that child once again
When growing old seemed so far away

Take me back so I can for a time
Relive this little girls dreams and wishes
And seeing them all come true
Finding within herself life's riches

In the days of her yesteryears


JEANNIE KIRCHEN is a widow with three grown children and four teenage grandchildren.  She has had a love for poetry ever since the fifth grade when she had to memorize and recite three poems in front of her class!  Jeannie wrote her first poem shortly after that! Most of Jeannie’s poems have a Christ centered Godly theme expressing her love for God and love for others!  She shares from her heart hoping that   everyone who reads her poetry is not only blessed but also touched even by God, even if it’s only in a small way. Jeannie also writes poetry about love and loss and memories of ages past! Jeannie has been published in four anthologies and is the author of a children’s book, “Why Barry Bear Skipped His Bath”. She also has a monthly Spiritual Column in Wildfire Magazine! Jeannie lives in Arizona with her German Shepherd dog Maddie, her Egyptian Mau /Bengal Cat Mindy and a parakeet named Phoebe, and many, many friends.  She is active in her church and Women’s Bible Study!  When not writing a poem, working on her end times novel, or her preteen novel, Jeannie likes to read, hike the mountains of Arizona, have lunch with friends, knit, and swim.

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