Thursday, March 1, 2018




I see the death everyday
Death in relations
Death in religion and faith
Death of man in man
Everyday, everywhere, every moment
Death, death and death.

I experience the death around me
Millions and billions of ceremonies
The smoke on maps of mankind
Death in temple and streets
Death in clubs and parties
Death, death and death.

I foresee the death of humanity
Harassment, discrimination and hatred
Death in purity and sacredness
Death in broken mirrors and home
Death in king, death in masses
Death, death and death.


Understanding you has never been easy ,
Nor easy knowing me .
Life has twisted around,
Sometimes you, sometimes me.
But what holds is trust,
Finding in and never out.

All I know is the rain,
Full of happiness and no pain.
Nothing to do with people,
Nor with people lived.
It's better you keep trust,
As your living is must.

The subject has been tough,
But our understanding easy.


Let me say,
I am not going to comfort you,
With riches and gold,
Nor am gonna keep you warm,
All the seasons with some reasons.

I will not take you to school,
Where wealthy and filthy play,
Nor am gonna give you a phone,
Having internet and pleasing tone.

I will surely not sing of merry,
Where you hear angels and fairy,
Nor will speak of science,
Who has lost the conscience.

I will not say about the history,
Where you have traders and leaders,
Nor will I teach you the language,
To quarrel and defend as a savage.

Child listen to your Dad,

I will show you the poverty,
Where riches are in them not in gold,
I will keep you Cold ,
So that you become bold.

I will teach you the lessons,
How you must not play with people,
I will allow you to talk and dance,
Learn and run, scream and dream.

I will sing the present urge,
Of our nation and present world,
I will teach you literature never science,
To make you sensible and more of love.

I will talk about people around,
Where you see them, and become one,
I will surely teach you the language not the tongue,
But the language which all beings understand.

Dedicated to the one yet to arrive.


ABHIMANYU KUMAR S: Assistant Professor in English  Jain University Bangalore, India


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