Thursday, March 1, 2018




Frustration gurgling in my bosom like splashing stream.
Icy sheet of silence hovering over the beam.

feelings beside.

demon of loneliness,
killing inside.

Frozen are the emotions,
hardened to the core.
Reliance still ferments,
in lofty heart's burrow.

Snowflakes adhering the panorama,
in a poignant wrap.
Pine trees shines whitey.
in the blizzard, induced in a crepe.

Temperature lowering down,
shuddering the bones.
Nothingness making numb in the frigid zone.

Blubbering all it may be,
still musing are fervour,
The frost lasts only,
until its winter.


You are the one...
Whose smiling face makes my life worthy, even if I am in a hay.
You are the one...
Whose twinkling eyes, shone brighter my days.
You are the one...
Whose persona mesmerizes me always, as such.
You are the one...
Whose affable cordial ways tranquilizes me very much.
You are the one...
Who adds beautiful hues in the canvas of my life.
You are the one...
Who have taught me to be confident and thrive.
You are the one...
Whose gracious attitude always makes my day.
You are the one ....
Whom I appreciate and feel happy being associated with.
You are the one...
Whose affectionate ways I relish and cherish without any enmity.
You are the one...
Whose hand I want to hold till eternity.


Say something do speak up don't be quiet.
I want to hear your magical voice, you make me magnetize.
Your persona goes everywhere around with me.
You dwell in deep bounds of me.
Your attitude towards me is so dignified.
You give me new hopes with sheer elegance towards life.
Everything seemed so hostile and unworthy before.
The hope to be better than rest has earnestly begun now.
The changes seems like fragrance of sweet smelling flowers to me.
You are the ultimate paragon now.
You may say I am exaggerating but this is true.
You are so affable...oh I love to be so with you.
It was inadvertently that we came so close.
You are very Cardinal, adorable and precious to me.


MADHU JAISWAL is based in Kolkata (India). Writing is a new found passion for this simple homemaker. Her short stories, poetries and blogs are getting featured in anthologies and e- zines. Madhu is an optimistic and a compassionate person who believes in humanity. Her write-ups display vivid emotions of life.

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  1. great write, dear poet .congratulations,,,great achievement.god bless.