Thursday, March 1, 2018




I have been walking in the dark ,
For quite some time drifting afar ,
On long and winding road stark,
Down unfamiliar paths for stars.

Under dewy hazy foggy sky ,
A vague notion my wings tied ,
Bound by some magic spell evil ,
Wander in meandering lanes feeble.

Journey didn't seem to end anywhere,
Tempted on adventures somewhere,
Hesitant steps off to slightest trails ,
Distant horizon vanishing affairs.

Each call in search of truth guided,
The spirit to take flights forward,
Travelling to end of earth misguided,
Brought me to my roots backward.

In my own arms lay the miracle,
Deep down in my soul surrender,
In little things love quietly encircle,
Simply no words describe such wonder.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 10/11/17.


The light of a distant horizon,
Hovers in dark with passion,
Suddenly a beauty awakens ,
Eyes breathe with mouth open.

Every touch glistening or gleaming,
Much fun in tasting or smelling,
Carried away invisible dreaming,
The joy of glowing and floating.

A dandelion stretch in grassland,
On slender stem tender band ,
Ready to fly without a sound ,
On whispers of breeze astound.

A shaft of light has broken down ,
A little girl plucked with a frown ,
White lisp of wish on a crown,
Enchanted chances slowly drown.

Soft white wisps caress surrender,
Just breathe out  loud and clear ,
Sparkling seeds incredible shimmer,
The private concert is a splendour.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 2017.


I wonder when the time stands still,
When I can pen my dreams fulfilled,
I should be asleep as night is deep,
Clouds envelop on eyelids complete.

Birds cheep as harbingers of dawn,
Mind-boggling urban jungle on its own,
I can't  but avoid to see rays of light ,
The clock is ticking with all its might.

The old grandfather's tall clock,
Steadfast to its post ticks and tocks,
A black cup of coffee to open the lock,
In portico sit on old chair that rocks.

I step out to hear wild wind wails,
Tides of uncertainties in time warp tales,
We dwell in our ivory towers foray,
Define dark enlightened keepsakes.

Islands of doubts turns to dust,
Diversity juxtaposed in smart lust,
Symphony of life in vibrations must,
Shrouded stars shining on first.

One day at a time we pass the time,
As I keep rocking clock does chime,
Eternity rests in times perpetual sight,
Words of truth penned in candid delight.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 2017.


Destiny is in hidden history of humanity,
Prosperity and adversity two sides of divinity,
Rides on golden chariots of fate main ,
Indifferent in frozen winter or torrential rain.

From Illuminati,Atlantis to Aryan race ,
Circuidian rhythm keeps changing face ,
Proud Ozymandias head buried in desert,
Arrogance of Ravana ultimately cursed.

Heaven and hell both at beck and call ,
Cycle of life enslaved to cosmic roll ,
There is no empire that it cannot defeat ,
Byzantium lies silent under steel.

Time and tide waits for none on earth,
Simultaneously one is in mirth or dearth,
Unexpected turns and twists is a must,
Persepolis has crumbled back to dust.

Embrace what fate gives,it will not last,
All times of joys and sorrows will be past,
Give life your best shot,choose patiently,
It is not in the stars to hold your destiny.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 5/11/17.


JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR is a bilingual poetess, writer, Editor,  teacher,academician, administrator, translator,reviewer,Reiki healer,social activist,promoter of literature and honorary counsellor of charity organisations. A published author and  three poetry collection ,a creative writer for ‘Poet's Choice ‘forum and Co-editor in ‘My Books Publications’,Editor of of Anthology of Telangana poetry forum-”Symphony of souls’.Many of her poems have been published on national and international websites and anthologies. An awarded writer nationally and internationally,passionate about life ,nature  peace and in love with all cultures of this beautiful world.

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