Thursday, March 1, 2018




A newborn babe ... blessed were we
I can still picture her when she was only three,
Building blocks and cartoons
The naps she took in the afternoons

She was jumping rope at age of seven
Our little angel sent to us from heaven,
And by the year she had turned nine
She had her own way to decorate and design

The teen years came and gone
They just flew by oh so fast,
Nothing left but the memories now
Her smiles, boyfriends, little things of the past

By the time she stood beside the man
That became our son-in-law that day,
I realized that I was still unaware
Of so much that came along her way

We talked, we laughed, we cried
There she is, already a lady at twenty-one
Will the memories be all I have left
She assured me, ''Mother, they've just begun''



The words have more meaning to me
Than the library I've dared to own
From the beginnng to the end
I see I do not stand alone

God was with me for many years
He knows me better than anyone else
Sometimes my tendency is a foot in the mouth
And often I find I am  all by myself

So I just take out that Bible of mine
Though its words have gotten harder to see
I know that God still speaks through it
Many messages bestow upon me

My Bible has gotten rather old
But doesn't everything get better with age
I'm just thankful that He reminds me
That I'm loved on each and every page



You should just see her
Sweet as she can be
Sitting there drawing
Underneath that tree

She glances up to look
At people and the skies
She's a little angel
That took me by surprise

She continues to draw
As if no one is around
She remains so silent
Daring not to make a sound

She'd glance at the birds
In the skies above
She is so full of peace
A child full of love

She continues to etch
As if it would be her last
Taking her time, dutifully
Forgetting time passed

Quietly she sets her pen
And paper to the ground
Effortlessly swaying
Still not making a sound

She looked as if humming
A tune she might know
I gradually make my way
To finally say 'hello'

She looks up at me sweetly
With a smile upon her face
Spreads her arm across
The waters as if to embrace

I tell her I see her pictures
And that she is so cute
It isn't until that moment
I realize that the child is mute

But her smiles said so much
And to me, that meant the world
I tilted my head and curtsied
As I mouthed the words 'Pretty girl'



  1. hello beautiful debbie... always beautiful poetry..

  2. Thank you, Deborah. You've been so encourgaging and understanding. Much love,