Monday, October 1, 2018




I would like to say goodbye
without asking for forgiveness.
A jump, a flight.
The separation of everything,
the eternal sigh.

I can’t have you,
my life, convalescent.
It is a torn body,
an unconscious mind
and a heart that no longer feels.

A desire, an illusion.
The falling weight,
of despair.
I don’t love you anymore, my life.
I can’t stand in agony anymore.

I would like to say goodbye
No nostalgia drops.
Built in the past
the present destroys you
and the future is diluted.
I do not love you anymore, my life!


Waves break through the shore
flooding the banks with tears.
Under the eyelids, pray lost its sound
And music is just a fad and broken sound
that separetes the worlds.

It's raining...
With tears from the sky
Over lonely souls,
Traveling to dusk
From the heights of suffering
With a final "burning" embrace

What's left after the gray rains fall,
from the soul to the forehead,
from the earth from which the life went down to heaven?

We gather broken wings...
in fact, there are only piles of ash, but
we lie that we are still alive,
that we still feel,
that we have not yet lost our way or His hand.

Ah, it's raining...
With tears that washed away sins
Over dried hearts,
Traveling from fire
Into eternal peace
With fragile wings.


I'm talking about time,
but that's me ...
Words on hold
and yet it is denial.

I always talk about pain,
because the pain I am,
thorns, wilting and falling
Leaving the soul in the penumbra
And a bleak life ...
I am.

I am the wind, the night,
Tears, sea
I am angry, abyss,
All with bis
I am that intense madness,
and her convex breath.

A consuming flame,
lights, devastating flashes
And a little doubt:
Is it an ancestral heritage?


wear invisible,
aspire to be air,
and fly unpredictable.

I thought about feeling different,
banish your roots,
drive away my demons,
turn my back on your deaths.

I thought for a moment to be another,
in the ephemeral cave of my dream,
but my heartbeat rebels
hurtful, sharp, insistent;
perhaps there is no amendment
if the letters have already been dealt,
perhaps there is no return
if it's your blood that runs
incoherent, voluptuous, invasive,
through the burning veins of my night.
I’m innocent!


SAVU ELENA-CORINA Country: Romania Born in October 1988, Plopeni, Romania. Graduated the Faculty of Letters and Science of Petroleum-Gas University, Ploiesti, Romania. The first published paper is titled Functions of law. Her passion for writing materializes with the advent of the novel plucked Aripi smulse („TornWings”) a novel in two volumes. In 2016, her work Cuplul, în căutarea paradisului pierdut („The couple, in search of the lost paradise”) is included in the anthology of the same name and her work Lumi adiacente („Connecting Worlds”) is included in the anthology Jurnal de călătorie (Logbook). She won in 2018 the 3rd place in the international antology Nature 2017-2018.

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