Monday, October 1, 2018




Sculptured shadows on the sand
they will remain in memory

the white wings of angels touch the heart
and white lilies in the garden

dust - covered memories
they are beginning to live again

dreams have remained only in dreams
they are constantly dreaming about being fulfilled

and the shadows will remain on the sand a memory


where dreams come true in full magic
they have a taste for passion

and the whispers of angels
they touch the tops of the mountains slightly

where stones carved in the
Shade  – they are silent

where moments smell of delight
and you have other hands in your hands

longing has become the motto of life
wisdom suits sarcasm

despite the dusty clocks
you know – time is running out fast


When the flowers kiss the sky
you are walking in the summer time
by the seashore
wet sand caresses your feet
and the sun blows bright tresses
in colorful ribbons
only the wind lightly dances on the wave
sways red roses
in your garden
muslin floral dress
gently emphasizes the shapes of the figure
in a sunny day
because when flowers kiss the sky
blue butterflies are hugging you
like in a magical dream


BARBARA  ORLOWSKI    Born   in 1956 in Toruń. In 1988, she emigrated  to  Germany and has since lived in Krefeld. She is a nurse by profession. Poems printed in many anthologies in Germany, Poland, England and the USA. In 2012 she published the bootleg audiobook titled SELECTED POEMS. Also she published next books: Słowami po krawędziach (With words on the edges, London 2013), Gdzie jesteś dzisiaj (Where are you today, Bydgoszcz 2015), Metamorfoza (Metamorphosis, Bydgoszcz 2015). Winner of many Polish and foreign awards, like Konopnicka Prize, Ianicius Prize, Phoenix Prize, Statue of Stanisław Moniszko. She is member of Chamber of the HOMER – European Medal of Poetry and Art (Brussels) and she is depositary of Medal). She published a lot of poems in England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Brazil. Member of the organizations: Polish Community "PIAST" in Essen - Germany, Association of Polish Authors II Branch in Warsaw, Poetry UNESCO – London, E-art London, eMultipoetry in Krakow, Polonia (Polish Diaspora) of the Whole World. She participates in radio programs, loves traveling, nature, sea, painting, poetry and music.

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