Monday, October 1, 2018




Have you ever heard the sound of the beautiful silence echoing from afar?
I enjoy it in my heart
Which keeps all my secrets
It echoes,  yes the silence echoes
So loud and clear
The silence sings many tunes
Of melody overpowering
All sounds and chaos
The sound of silence is
So powerful
It can be heard within
Your own heart !
Keep listening to your heartbeat
It's music to the ears !
The sound of silence
Clears the dust from your
Heart which accumulated
For years
Now is the time
Now is the time
To listen to the sound of silence
emanating from your beautiful heart
Listen to that wonderful
Sound of silence
Your heartbeat !
Sarala Balachandran


In the stillness of the night
When all are into deep slumber
When sparkling stars in the sky
Playing hide n seek with the moon
My mind wanders to far away
places, carrying my beautiful
thoughts of my childhood days
I sit alone in a garden nearby
The soft breeze caressing my
lissom body
I take a walk  through the
Garden of my heart
Where flowers bloom throughout
In happiness and sorrow
Hearing the gurgle of the streams
I feel escastic suddeny
Asking myself
Why this sorrow at times my dear
When God has provided
A beautiful earth for you to live
I smile to myself
And walk and walk
Around the garden
Till my lungs are filled with
That life sustaining oxygen
So pure !
I take a u turn humming
My favourite melodies
And reach my home
With a happy heart !
Sarala Balachandran


Arise brethren from your slumber
The bullets are heard from
Everywhere, the smoke up in the air
Suffocating all in the world
Arise, awake brethren !

Take a wow right now
You will not let this happen
In this world which is already
Arise, awake brethren !

Take up your pens and paper
Write down your thoughts
Get it across the world
To stop this shooting and killing
Arise, awake brethren !

There is no time to ponder
Or think time is up,  time is up
Let your ink splash with colours
Of peace and just get it across
Arise awake brethren !

Listen to the children crying of hunger
Rush to them with all you can
Cover them with your love and caress
It's time up for you to act
Arise, awake brethren listen to the call of the poor before it’s too late!


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