Monday, October 1, 2018




My life is scattered among the memories
of my warm-hearted beloved people. I leave my perfume
everywhere I go

so, my eternal smile

is not easily forgotten. I’m like that butterfly
that flies around the light of past dreams,
and remembers

its dear homeland. It remembers
the wonderful colorful flowers the wonderfully warm
and full of desire words of love.


Companion of mine during this long journey, your voice lasts
as much as my journey lasts. You are an immigrant too
wandering from one country to the other. You are a part of my homeland
that I always  carry with me. You are the only witness
of my permanent  foreign land. You are the little bird
that gives me so much joy. With you
I forget my being in foreign land and with your wings
I feel every now and then going back home!


Love and life approach you.
Day and night seek for you.
Water and desert met each other for your sake.
The eyes and the heart look for you.
My passion for you

is a connection of all the streets ending to your heart. Remember me
while I’m away. Love me
while I’m by your side. I can’t get enough
of your love.

I am a bird with no wings while I’m near you.
I am a joyless love while I’m away from you.


IOANNIS KARAJOLI: Is a Greek poet, born in Syria on 09/01/1951 in Efrin city , north from Aleppo. His family is of Kurdish origin. He spent his early childhood in the city of Efrin where his father served as e Prefect. His mother , Amina Seicho, was a gifted and charismatic woman ,with numerous artistic qualities . His father , Adnan Karajoli, was a writer- lawyer who fought for the rights of the beloved Syrian people .In the spring of 1955 the Karajoli family was relocated to Damascus , where they had previously resided. He had the opportunity to study in beautiful Romania , at the Bucharest Dentistry School and he finished his studies by acquiring the specialty of Orthodontist. After he completed his course of studies , he had the opportunity to visit Greece , after being invited by his Greek fellow students . Since then , 34 years of creative work have passed ,delving in the area of orthodontics and literature. He is a founding member of a Greek association for Orthodontic study and research ,with an Honorary distinction at the 9th Pan-Hellenic orthodontic congress (Athens 2006). He barely felt as a foreigner in Greece. He received the love of the Greek people  and he still enjoys it, here in beautiful Thessaloniki , Macedonia . In the summer of 1985, the Muse bestowed her gift on the poet, thus he started writing his first verses. His first poetic collection was published in 2011 under the title “Colors of an Era “, from ALDE publishing. His second poetic collection was published in 2018 under the title “Hellenic speech, Light of the World “, and his third poetic collection under the title “The daughter of the North “, and his forth poetic edition under the title “The Moon of the Orient “ and his last poetic collection under the title “ Love And Tenderness. He is a member of the Litterateurs Association of Northern Greece and of the cultural social institution “Amphictyonic League of Hellenism”. He received ‘Honorary Distinction’ at the 4th International Poetic Contest on “Hellenic speech, Light of the World” (Thessaloniki, May 3rd , 2014) . He gave a lecture at the 3rd International Amphictyons Congress on : The History of Hellenic-Syrian Culture the took place at the French Institute of Thessaloniki (May 2014) , at the festival : Celebration of Multilingualism on :Language and Communication (Municipality of Thessaloniki, May 30th and 31st 2014) at the “1st Panhellenic Contest –Bequest of Nana Kontou 2010” by the Association of the Smyrnian people of Asia minor in northern Greece , with his poem titled “Smyrna” (Thessaloniki, November 20th 2010). His work under the title “Colors of an Era “  was published on the magazine “Critique of Language and Art , positions and views “ (50th issue ,May –July 2015). He became a member of  WIP  and  Peace Ambassador   branch  of   SYRIA  in  2018. He  lives  in  the  town  of  Thessaloniki – Greece .

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