Sunday, September 1, 2019




Oh... darkness I enjoy
The dense inky sky
With only the pale moon
And his beloved star
To reflect joy
The gentle wind
Wafts my tresses away
As l lie face up
In the lower berth
Of a rail from hills
The moon and star travel with me
Keep company through the cacophony of the grumbling rail
I inhale the blessed night
For its transient, bygone
The wind dies ,the neon’s invade
The purity of the night
As darkling fields give way to concrete
The darkness cries to be itself
Lights have conquered all
The darkness in man reigns
Forcing light on the  nocturnal
The cycles turn anticlockwise
Obscuring dichotomies,  annihilating.


The Banyan tree bends low
Arching to the other side
It's leaves entwine the Ashok
Forming a leafy arch
Trees know no hierarchy
They bend to fill the space
Unlike the people below
In cars , cycles , buses
Plying on highway to go
I wonder at this beauty
The intelligence of mute life
Who are forced to bear
The honking  of mindless traffic
Trees after trees unite
Forming this verdurous door
Leading to everyman's destination
Filling their hearts with allure.


A warm day dies
Dusk lingers sometime on western sky
It is love child of day’s union with night
I breathed your odour like morning bloom
You contained me like pea in pod
My heart raced fast, mind in a daze
I cling to you as last leaf to storm
Like ship to star I searched for directions
To your whims I swayed, scattered and distraught
Like a tube on the waves discarded on the shores
Engulfed by your love I arrived to find myself.


MADHU SRIWASTAV is an Assistant Professor in English based in Kolkata. She has written and published her poems and short stories in National and International Journals like Setu, Glomag, Daath Shradanjali. She has translated and published short stories from Bengali and Hindi into English. She has written and published several academic papers. She also takes part in poetry and storytelling performances.

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