Sunday, September 1, 2019

Rahim Karim



To say about love - to say nothing:
“I love” - this word says feeling.
And his lips have a round seal, -
Lobbied hearts forever bound!

Write about love - do not write about anything:
Even if you write the Arabic already draw.
"I love" to whisper, and passionately kiss, -
Tie each other tight with that bond!

And to sing about love is about nothing, oh, not to sing:
Love is not glorified with simple phrases.
Love must live with a kiss
Though you will put to sleep the whole song with roses !!!


Your brown hair
I was always crazy.
You are in your brown eyes,
She took me to paradise.

Your brown hair
In yourself so sweet, fall in love.
Dumbfounded feelings, my mind,
Eyes blinded with all the glitter.

Your brown hair
The colors of paradise were fragrant.
You are in them a charm, a temptation to hide,
What a butterfly in the scent fluttered.

Your brown hair
The jackpot was torn from my lips.
Silk, velvet, tenderness of tea color,
My heart - the spirit pulled out!

Chestnut feelings
Chestnut love.
Chestnut madness,
Chestnut nights.

Chestnut happiness
Chestnut flame.
Chestnut caress,
Chestnut memory ...

(After watching the movie "My King - the songbird")


The rules of love are with you
Punished, awarded.
Joy is replaced by pain
Ruined and revived again.

The rules of love are with you
Oh, to spiritual confusion!
The world around you was harsh, -
Trouble and joy woven!

The rules of love are with you
Until exhaustion.
As the Lord rules over the soul,
To the summit of bliss!

The rules of love are with you
Great heavenly power!
As God rules the world from heaven,
So rules you love!


Introduced us, was the case
Hand your grief-mirror:
Two mirrors from him looked, -
Your souls are two languid lakes ...

I fell in love with them through that mirror, -
Eyes heartlessly played?
I saw in them two golden rings, -
The role of a lover truly played?

You gave me that "priestess"
In memory of the meeting - goodbye:
However, there was no birthmark
No black eyes, sorry, charms!


I love you, I will give you my heart,
As a red apple "Zhanatan":
Like the scarlet sun - the crimson dawn,
The purple rose is a beautiful talisman.

Kneeling, asking for your heart,
I am the color of raspberry, cherry juice.
Open the garden to me you are the magic door
Let me enjoy the fruits of the East!

Rahim Karim

RAHIM KARIM (Karimov) - Uzbek-Russian-Kyrgyz Soviet poet, writer, publicist, translator. Born in 1960 in the city of Osh (Kyrgyzstan). Graduate of the Gorky Moscow Literary Institute (1986). Member of the National Union of Writers of the Kyrgyz Republic, member, official representative of the International Federation of Russian-speaking writers in Kyrgyzstan (London-Budapest), member of the board of the IFRW, member of the Writers Union of Russia, winner of the Republican literary prizes named after Moldo Niyaz, Egemberdi Ermatov. Winner of the International Writers Association named after Peter Bogdani (Brussels Pristina). PhD (Morocco). Ambassador of the World Children's Movement UWMC for Central Asia. The winner of the Osh regional competition "Altyn Kalem-2003". The author of the national bestseller "Kamila", winner of the second prize of the International Book Forum Open Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival - 2012 (United Kingdom), nominee of the Russian national literary award "Poet of the Year 2013, 2014, 2015", "Heritage 2015, 2016", Prize them. S. Yesenina (2016). In 2017, he was awarded the silver medal of the Eurasian literary contest LiFFT in the nomination “Eurasian Poet”, the medal “Kyrgyz tyly” of the State Commission on the State Language under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. Co-Chairman of the Council on Literature of the Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia. Author of about 30 books. His books have been published and published in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Great Britain, Canada, Mongolia, Romania, Greece, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, India, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Belgium, Pakistan, the Republic of China, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Poland, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Spain, France, USA, Colombia, Germany, Iraq, Malaysia and other countries of the world in Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tajik, English, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, romanian, hindi, niderl Andean, Greek, Persian, Pashtun, Dari, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Slovak, Malay and other languages of the world. Translated poetry and prose into Uzbek, Russian, Kyrgyz and English languages by authors from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Poland, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Luxembourg, Denmark, USA, Slovakia, Mexico, Iraq, Malaysia etc. The author of more than 20 popular patriotic songs in Uzbek, Kyrgyz, and Russian languages, written together with composers from Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Germany.

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