Sunday, September 1, 2019




Petals of clear dancing flowers
anywhere in the air lifted,
sweetly they are perfumed
of aromas and resound sweet songs.
Ornament of young women
what a mixture of colors and scents
love to revive their costumes,
mystical and pious Madonnas
they express in sublime dance
with agile harmonious forms
of the huge body and soul
instill of inherent hope
transmitted by the movement
to those who know with empathy understand
and it does not remain to the exteriority of seeing,
placar of the senses for a moment.
Even spetalate flowers twirl
they arrive in the starry skies
for magical night meetings
reserved not for lovers but also for friends.


The useless waiting for a return
even if you left far,
in the dream I extend my hand,
I hear your presence around.
I understand then it's that journey
that a little anguish and then reassures
you passed the rainbow bridge
and no longer you return even in May
with spring and swallows,
red roses, colors and the sea,
perhaps I am there, of your strolling,
the footsteps where children now play.
Or, perhaps, you never left
and in time and space present
in the sun, of the rising dawn
of that love that you all nurtured
making you a gift and never an absence
of feelings for anyone true essence.


They built the children
on the shoreline a large castle
done with simplicity, is that
by the sea with grain
of sand between them well assembled
and precise follow the project
so that you will feel protected
even if they are just fantasized thoughts
that in the mind they wander
and living in those rooms,
with you, cancel the distances
with imagination they become reality.
And then live in those meanders
continue until a naughty wave
arrives to unhinge the dreams of a child,
the scent of oleanders is persistent
that fill that void
in the air and in time now only
rises, mixed with a sweet song,
smell of saltiness in the motionless centuries.


ELISA MASCIA.: Born in Santa Croce of Magliano (Cb), she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb). She is a teacher, retired. From a very young age the predilection for a pencil in hand and also a camera for the still current passion to photograph events and the surrounding landscape. Writing, writing always and in every occasion a detail, a photo of a sunrise or a sunset, a painting or what is in nature and in the whole world arouses motive and inexhaustible source of inspiration She has participated in various national and international and world poetry competitions obtaining awards, certificates of participation and merit, honorable mentions. The book of unpublished poems "The grater of the moon" was published by L'inedito Letterario. Selected at the XXXIV edition of the Histonium Prize 2019 with the Silloge inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo n. his teacher died on 12/27/1924 in Milan on 02-14-2019. In the Opainternational group, insert 5 poems in the Anthology 2019 Spirit of Nature. Diploma of recognition at the world event of the Rosa y Orquídeas MIXTICA Edition III.

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  1. wonderful write , dear poet. a classic pure poetry. wish you more success.