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ALICJA KUBERSKA:  What does poetry mean to you?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  Poetry - for me,  is talking  with my own soul and thoughts.

ALICJA KUBERSKA:  What’s according to you the meaning of poetry in the contemporary world?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  In any time, poetry is the relaxation of the soul.

ALICJA KUBERSKA: Can you describe your creative process while writing a new poem?

 ISMAYILOVA  MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  During this time I am looking  through all events.... which were happened with me all my life.

ALICJA KUBERSKA: Did it happen to you that a poem was just your dream?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: My poems have always been my dreams.

ALICJA KUBERSKA: Tell us about your inspiration. What’re the most important subjects to you?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  I began write poems from 1982. But I  burned  them after reading. Nobody knew that, I have such a skill. I wasn't happy... and I am happy now...  only for  my children. And the most important subject were  : past, present, love, life and relaxation of the soul  for me.

MARIA MIRAGLIA:  Which were the emotions that inspired your first verses?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: Events which surrounded me.

MARIA MIRAGLIA:  Was your aspiration to become a poet or did all happen by chance?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  I never thought  that I will write poems ... I'm not a poet. I'm a linguist... but relaxing the soul with myself ( only mine ) was the reason for writing  my poems.

MARIA MIRAGLIA: Who is the first person you read your poems to and why?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  Asoke Kumar Mitra. I translated his several poems  intro Azerbaijani. And one day he said me that, if you can translate poems you can write poems also. I didn't said him that I had already wrote poems,then burned them. He awakened my faith, and for the first time I sent him my poems for reading. He was my first reader.

MARIA MIRAGLIA: Have you published any poetic anthology, if so what did you feel the first time you got it in your hands?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: I never published my poems. My poetry is in me. My poems were published  firstly by Agron Shele and Nilavronill Shoovro.

MARIA MIRAGLIA:  Who are the poets you prefer reading? Do you get inspiration from them?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  From ours  :  I like poetry, if I like the poem, it’s mean that I like author  too  and, as poetry has no boundary every creative  person is interesting for me. Their every line is  my inspiration. 

APRILIA ZANK:  How important is accessibility of meaning to you? Do you challenge the readers to work hard to decipher your poems, or do you prefer transparency of meaning?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: I don't put pressure on anyone, my readers are my dears.... the creators and people the closest to me. I am a poet of my inner world and soul

APRILIA ZANK:  What kind of poems do you write mostly? Do you have recurring themes, or are all your poems unique?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: I wrote when, my soul is ill, when I am lone, and I think may be themes the same, but feelings and meanings  are different.

APRILIA ZANK: Do you think your poetry is typically feminine / masculine? If yes, in what way?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: Poetry is the voice of heart, soul, feeling...  have no gender, verses  may be for everyone.

APRILIA ZANK: Do you write mostly about yourself, or do you also have an open eye /ear for the issues of the world?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: Almighty created us on  the world... and that is why we may be thought on our soul, feelings, and dreams... but  if there is the  second person who knows about these soul, feelings and dream... then these are between us and world.

APRILIA ZANK: In what way is your poetry different from that of other poets?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  I don't think that : I am a  poet - but I am writing  for relaxing  my soul... and I am ready to learn more about poetry from masters of poets all my life.

LEYLA IŞIK: What are the main factors to make poetry real poetry?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: Expressing inner world of soul  of poet with his or her verses.

LEYLA IŞIK: Do you think imagery is important in poetry? Where does the importance of imagery begin in a poem, where does it end?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: We know that poetry is human dream.... which takes us to future. That is why  imagery begins on  the first line poem, to endless.Because...dream...  have no ends.

LEYLA IŞIK:  What are the most used types of poetry in your country?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: Dramatic, Lyric, Epic,  Symphonic, Satiric, Modern poetries. All of them are used.

LEYLA IŞIK: What’s important to be a good poet? To write good poems!

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: The good poet is that man - who can  influence the soul of man.

LEYLA IŞIK: Who are the most important poets and their main properties nowadays?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: There are many poets in the world. I, think that if somebody writes poems... they are chosen persons... who has ability touching the high peak of feelings of human, and  this is their difference  properties from simple person.

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD:  Understanding poetry begins with visualizing the central images in the poem. What do you see, taste, smell, hear, and feel? What is the imagery of your poetry?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: Understanding poetry begins with feelings, their includes every property feelings beginning from taste till  smelling, hearing, seeing and feeling. And my imagery are  my own feelings and inner world.

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: What is the mood of your poetry? (Or How does it make you feel?)

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  I prefer mood  of melancholia, it takes me to the deepness of my life with my dreams.

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: In your poetry who is the speaker of the poem? Are you speaking to yourself or to others?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  I talk with my soul.... with my inner world.Only me, no one else.

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: What is the message of your poetry? What messages do your poetry convey?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI:  My messages : loneliness, unhappiness, and the destroyer of my life. And  advising running away from loneliness.

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: Does the internet and social media contribute to the success of your poetry? Is this the reason you write for?

ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI: Through the Social Media I have got readers,  and for this I always  will thankful  to Asoke Kumar Mitra, Agron Shele and NilavroNill Shoovro.  If they wouldn't  be, I would continue to write poems and after reading  burned them. Social media is my  imaginary  inner world.

NILAVRONILL SHOOVRO: Thank you so much dear poet for the interview. We would like to know your personal experience with OPA as a literary web journal. Would you like to share anything more with our readers?


ISMAYILOVA MESME ALIYULLA KIZI. From Azerbaijan. She was born in Azerbaijan. She is Azerbaijani and live in Baku. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. High educated. She is 55 . Married and have two children: son and daughter . She works as a teacher at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.

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  1. wonderful interview. simple answers with great sincere feelings. you have poetry in you, never burn away. wish you more success. god bless your pen.