Sunday, September 1, 2019




In the silence of the night,
I see you sweet thought
you run fast on the notes
of a song, transported
from a soft breeze on the wings of memories.
Grains of sand between my fingers
they glide languidly
the wind is silent and I listen to the notes of the universe,
that surround me and give me serenity.
©Regina Resta 2019


You can't escape without making noise
without knowing how to fly,
as sails explained we become
storms moved by air currents
and in a plunge into infinity
we touch eternity.
It's just a thought ...
but it becomes strength, it is life
that we drink greedy
gives us only a few moments of pause
on the way to the second lived.
We spend years navigating the purgatory of expectations
making us dreams of hopes useless.
Between a tear on the pillow and a smile with downcast eyes
reality is rooted in the star-studded sky
which gives rise to sadness every time,
scent of will and fantasy.
© Regina Resta 2019


Listen in silence
The words I don't say
That break away from the soul on tiptoe.
They are a bunch of emotions
A succession of events
Of joys, smiles and sorrows.
An impetuous flow of moments
That overlap each other
To form masses of dense clouds
They resonate tumultuous and piercing
To score a lifetime
But it's my life!
The one that runs along the asphalt
Sometimes with breathlessness, sometimes light
It has changed over time
Walk parallel without looking back
Welded on the ground and in hand
A notebook to write on every day
The most beautiful page.
© Regina Resta 2019


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