Sunday, September 1, 2019




Most of the time
She feels people are looking through her
Just as if she was invisible
Although she feels filled with love
Just as a knocking cymbal
"Oh my sweet mother!"
cried out the daughter of the mermaid
"You whose the lament has been heard to the end of the Earth!
You whose the voice is scarcely interpreted by the enlightened ones!"
She is walking around the Earth
Through the seven seas
As a wave energy or just material
She will accept to be buried in a human tomb
None will recognise her existence
None will observe her fish tail
None will pay attention to her scream
Because she speaks the language of the many
And peoples wish their own solitude
Well she is a prophet neglected because of her super-sound voice
She is a lamenting aura
An exploding nothingness
Breathing with gills in a world where others are pumping air with their lungs


I have a garden
With wonderful flowers
By the time you went away my heart collapsed so rapidly
that I fell in despair.
I ignored and neglected my garden.
I was not watering it,
I was just weeping but still
my garden survived thanks to my tears
My garden amazed me growing wonderful roses
And the roses were whispering " Lord, save us!"
I started from the beginning learning how to take care of my hidden Eden
You can see there so many miracles which could make you smile like me.
They could make you remember the unscathed bliss of your  universal existence.
The treasure within you that is not futile, that you suspect it is immortal.
And it might be ...

So I have my little paradise
where I often embrace crosswise myself
and derive pleasure.
I heal the wounded part of me there and if not, I treat it well at least
Please, Do Not Be Afraid, you cannot hurt me, my beloved!
Even if that was your wish, but of course it never was.

I keep alive for you the perennial tree that Grew there
Whenever its flowers blossom orange
-the color of happiness and lasting joy-
I'll come to offer them to you.
Just to see your smiling eyes
Or maybe just because the Garden Of my Soul becomes more beautiful when
It is fed by Your Presence
Without overwhelming the narrow path of your Precious Liberty


Once a human raises his head
Above the mediocre mass
Raged herds of hyenas smell him
They covet him
They wish to devour him
They persecute him until he's left in his solitude
And then they rush on him to tear him into pieces With their nails
They Desire His Flesh
They Desire His Blood
They Desire His Brains
They Desire His Heart
They Wish So Badly To Absorb His Soul In The Dark

I saw many times the red twinkling eyes Of human Hyenas In the Dark
That's Why I Fear So Badly To Get Out Of My Lightened Shell
That's Why I Live In Here Peacefully With Snakes And Scorpions
They respect me and I respect them
I don't approach them so they don't killl me with Their Venom
In general I live isolated
In my Shell
All my life In Embryum Position
Or I would be obligated
To mutate into a hyena in Their Herd

In my Dreams I Rise Burning like a Star
And I Put on Fire the Horizon


CHRYSSA VELISSARIOU, a published poet in Greek and English, has been honored as the 1st International Beat Poet Laureate of the National Beat Poetry Festival 2017 and as a Lifetime Beat Poet Laureate of the same festival in 2019 in USA. She has more than 3000 poems on her blogs. She was a host in Greece of poetic events for the International Beat Poetry Festival 2015 and 2018 , for the Poetathon 2013 and the Peaceathon 2015, W P Canada and International, for the 100TPC 2015 and for the Woman Screen 2019. She is a Peace Activist and she has been the W P Canada International Peace Ambassador 2014-16 to Greece. She is a Professor of Physics (Space Physics), specialized also in NT Education, honoured and awarded by the Ministry of Education, Greece. She is also an elected Member of her hometown Municipality.

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