Sunday, September 1, 2019




Lord, I've come to talk to you
You woke me up this morning,
what do you want me to do?

Tell me what You want me to know
about Your Kingdom above,
and how to live on this Earth below!

Shall I tell them how You are my friend?
How in sorrows You're my Comforter,
and will be until the end!

Or, how in troubles and temptations,
You're my Hope of salvation!
Where I'm held and lead to safe and secure destinations!

Maybe You'd like for me to tell them,
How when I forsook all others and turned only to You,
You cleansed my soul and made me whole again, without and within!

When I'm hungry, how You feed my soul
with the Manna of Your Word, It's Perfection!
I fear not form You’ve placed a wall of Fire around me for my protection!

Well, Lord, I think that's enough for today!
I will talk to You again tomorrow, if You wake me,
to listen to what You have to say!

Help me today to do what You have asked!
For loving me so much and trusting me, with this,
Such an Overwhelming and Awesome Task!
© Mary Lynn Luiz - June 19, 2019 –
All Rights Reserved by Poet


When sorrow sweeps over you like a flood, and tears well up in your eyes flowing down your cheeks to the dry parched ground, look up to the blue of the sky with the clouds so billowy white and know that God knows and hasn't forgotten about you!

The valley is deep and treacherous, with slippery slopes and rocks to stumble and fall upon, your heart crushed and thrown to the ground, keep trusting God with your feet firmly planted on the path that will lead you straight through this hostile and foreign land!

This journey taken in this wilderness is almost over, when you realize the barriers that were broken and the giants that were slain, and in the distance, you can see the mountain top on the horizon. Your strength and faith renewed, hold on to the goal, and continue going through!

With a new day dawning and the sun rising, this time of trial and testing is over for a while. Your heart's been refined and purified, until the next time you’re required to grow and mature spiritually by walking through the fires of Life once more, while your God of Love, Mercy, and Grace leads and watches over your every step to see you through!
© Mary Lynn Luiz - June 19, 2019
All Rights Reserved by Poet


Alone in the silence, my mind escapes
to a world, I visualize and create.
From whence you came I know not where,
Like a gentle breeze, you swept over me there.
The fragrance of flowers scented the air
Every breath I took was time we shared
Like butterflies fluttering to and fro
Dancing on the wind and then I must go!
During this time, Your will became mine.
Never alone, walking hand in hand at all times!
©Mary Lynn Luiz - June 21, 2019
All Right Reserved by Poet


MARY LYNN LUIZ: Born May 15th, 1945 in USA, State of Florida. Graduated Auburndale High School in 1964, Studied Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Ethics at Polk State College 1978 through 1989.  Retired Branch Manager of Sunniland Corporation 1971 – 2001. Lived in Dubai UAE 2001 – 2005.  Lived in Alexandria Egypt 2005 – 2010.  She began writing poetry in 2014 under the encouragement of Satya Pattnaik , from Odessa India,  University President and Poet. Recently retired 2019.  She has had several of her poems translated into different languages and published in several anthologies, magazines, and books over the world!  Her published works begin in 2017 with Say Pattnaik book, “Do Not Sell The Spring” of which she edited, and wrote the foreword for, and help to design the cover. Her poems continue to be published this day.  She was appointed by World Union of Poets as director for the State of Florida, USA. Until she resigned that post. She has received several awards from poetry clubs and organization.  She is asked to read or recite her poetry at local functions in her area.  She also gives others the permission to red or recite her poetry on their poetry shows! She has been featured on YouTube with her poetry set to music, for the poems "You Make The Sun to Shine Again", and "Dance Forevermore”. She has published two e-books of poetry titled "Wisdom Whispers" on September 25th 2018 and on April 2nd 2019 published "Wisdom Whispers Poetry".  She has three other e-books that will be published in the near future! She was rated the 2nd best poet in the world for the second quarter of 2019 by The Best Poet or Poetess of the World Poetry Group. Her poems have been reviewed by poetry analysts from the United States, India, and Pakistan, with Accolades of Excellence! She loved to travel and be with people who taught and shared their beliefs and customs with her! Most of her poetry is inspired by what she has seen of experienced!  Her poetry is written from the heart! She sees God's beauty in everything! Most of her poetry is very uplifting and has a message for the reader! Poetry Is Her Passion! Not Her Job!  She now lives in Winter Haven Florida, U.S.A.

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