Sunday, September 1, 2019




Photographs and memories,
Remembering bygone days.
Special anniversaries,
When our love was on display.

The war finally over,
Came back to the one I love.
Our hearts quickly took-over,
God smiled down from above.

Memories were my treasure,
When loneliness would set in.
Giving me a small pleasure,
As I thought of you again.

I knew you would be waiting,
Special words to be spoken.
There was no hesitating,
Our vows were never broken.
James F. Cunningham © 07.01.2019


While drifting through colorful lights,
In the midst of my lovely dreams.
Enjoying wonderful delights,
But nothing here is what it seems.

Exploring imagination,
Letting it take me where it will.
Gave in to anticipation,
It is becoming quite a thrill.

A dream can take me anywhere,
But it always brings me back home.
The memories are hard to share,
Lost in a mental catacomb.

One in a while they remain
Hovering on the edge of sight
The beauty is hard to explain
But they mesmerize me all night.

Our dreams are very personal,
But sometimes they do not make sense.
They can be very versatile,
But sometimes they become intense.
James F. Cunningham © 07.01.2019


While meditating in the clouds
I found my celestial center.
Far beyond the maddening crowds
In my consciousness, I enter.

The center draws my every thought,
Removing my earthly tensions.
Is this the place I always sought,
Have I found the fourth dimension?

The surreal beauty draws me in,
I feel my consciousness drifting.
It begins coursing deep within,
My reality is shifting.

I could journey on forever,
Far beyond my wildest dreams.
While traveling to wherever,
Just floating away in the streams.

Slowly, I come back to myself,
Meditation is my release.
Never placing, it on the shelf,
It is where I found true peace.
James F. Cunningham © 07.01.2019


JAMES F. CUNNINGHAM: Jim lives in the State of Ohio, USA. With his wife and family, plus 4 dogs and menagerie of other animals. He has written Poetry for most of his life. Covers everything from Faith, to Fantasies and Dreams Even a few Nightmares to stir the pot. Enjoys writing Gothic Horror Tales, they let his imagination go to extremes. He has also written Short Stories

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