Sunday, December 1, 2019



Undying Love

I remember the day
I fell in love with you
And passed endless days and nights
Edgy and Sleepless
Days and nights
Of vibes, illicit longings and hurdles
And of wandering moods withering in stages.

But one day ….
Both of us saw eye to eye
And engaged hearts
Becoming one
To become exemplars of love


The sun is up with never- ending zest,
Aurora all pristine and enigmatic
Only you—woman—seem pensive!
Eyes drooping—hiding your moans
As you sit by the window.

A resilient wind blows,
Making waves on the green grass,
Nature creates a furor in you
And yet you resort to refusals and parts.

Inside you a womanly heart!
Eager to mother all living beings,
And indulge in passion immense
Great is your love and true!

Autumnal Song

Thousands of Lotuses bloom
In Autumn,
Alluring all everywhere
Night-Blooming Jasmines too
With fragrance wafting far and wide
So pleasing and so serene.

The mountains echo our hullabaloos,
Chirpy birds ----
Our minds bear fragments of memories
White patches of floating clouds in the sky.

With celebration and hope
This season comes,
We forget, forgive and simply move along.


RUBAB ABDULLAH is born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and educated at University of Dhaka. She was a former part-time faculty at some private universities in Bangladesh, now lives in Ohio, USA. She is a published poet and her poems have been published in many anthologies, newspapers and magazines in both Bangladesh and USA. The poet owes much to the editors of the following newspapers where many of her poems appeared: The Daily Star (Bangladesh), Daily Observer (Bangladesh) etc. Also, Eber & Wein Publishing (Pennsylvania, USA) selected her poems to be featured with the works of other several different authors in their annual Best Poets Publications (2015 &2016) and in the anthology Who’s Who in American Poetry (2014).

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