Sunday, December 1, 2019



The Heart Never Sleeps.

Rest among the petals of a rose,
the heart, but never sleeps,
double its beat
among the dreams that open up to life.

The heart never sleeps
in the dark of night,
naked like the moon,
shines at the center of heaven and earth,
driving force of love for humanity.

Great to do has the heart to never sleep.
Watch with its ticking
cradle the beloved from afar,
song of ancient music,
the eyes follow to never leave him alone.

 Infinite Love

In the rainbow colored reflections
souls dance in the sky
light interposed with light veil
now illuminates the peaceful heart.
Repeat that rhythm in the air
for a time that smacks of eternity
in space, brotherly love
sinterintereca dance and melody.
It is undeniable that I have not lost your love
in the chest the beat is always alive,
above large words I write,
notes of a silent pain.
When I come to my senses, I understand only then
that two hearts albeit far away
they always stretch their hands,
by destiny or other nature in their abode
with the secret of a never finished love
never lost at all
sure it won't be destroyed
until memory leads to infinity.

Walk Under The Moon.

In a corner of the world
of a cold autumn night
man of the student life,
stars and moon in a circle
all on the ground are waterfalls,
sparkling glitter of diamonds
smiles for the broken hearts,
new hopes are born.
With your hands, a big star,
grabs to be able to follow,
light that never has to fade,
expands in the air smelling of cinnamon.
A dream to realize
only if there is love to donate,
illuminates everyone's life,
night of stars and moon, it has flourished again.


ELISA MASCIA.: Born in Santa Croce of Magliano (Cb), she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb). She is a teacher, retired. She has participated in various national and international poetry competitions obtaining awards, certificates of participation and merit, including honourable mentions. She was awarded, from 2012 to 2018 for seven consecutive editions, for taking part in the International Poetry Prize "San Gerardo Maiella" of Muro Lucano (Pz) receiving certificates. For seven editions she participated in the Histonium Prize. In 2018, she presented herself with the presentation of the Silloge of 10 unpublished poems entitled Magic Emotions of the Soul which received the Special President's Award, the artistic Targa and the certificate of merit. At the invitation and request of the poet and writer Andrea Fabiani, she wrote the Preface to his book "Sensually ... woman" in 2015; Insertion of the dedication to "Mister Cosco" in the biography book written by the journalist Giuseppe Formato. Some poems have been recited by the undersigned. A space has been dedicated with 3 poems and biography included in the cultural magazine of Liburni. Intense poetic activity and various stories in the year 2018 in which she began publishing poems on the site Writing from 9-1-2018 to today with about 300 poems. She recently wrote a review of a nice story about a writer friend who asked her for it. She is donor of voice "A voice in the dark" In July 2019, the first collection of unpublished poems was published in a book entitled "The grating of the moon" by the publisher L'inedito Letterario. She also participated in the XXXIV edition of the 2019 Histonium Prize with the Silloge of 10 unpublished poems inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo n. 12-7-1924 in Milan disappeared on 14-2-2019 which had the role of teacher for many artists and represented an important meeting point and cultural reference, marking a decisive turning point in the activity of writing poetry for having received tips and online lessons that the undersigned has appreciated making treasure and today with gratitude she remembers. At the Silloge, entitled "Sogni Dipinti", the Jury Prize 2019 of the Jury was awarded with an artistic plaque and a certificate of merit. From 10 May 2019 she proposed poems in the Opainternational group in the Antologia Spirit of Nature and in the monthly archive of the Opa. Savage Wind is in print of the original poetry book by the poet Asoke Kumar Mitra who, from India, involved Elisa Mascia in her project to take care of the translation and poetic interpretation of poems in Italian.

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  1. wonderful write dear poet, compact poetry, wonderful imagery and economy of words are the main features of the write. wish you more success.