Sunday, December 1, 2019



I Run To You

I run to you. Cross-country through existence.
I go arduously leaping on the mountains
with ball and chain. And with the acupuncture
of stars that keep falling painfully at down.

Through the fragrant fumes of medieval fires.
Above the passageway of rapacious Styx
oblivious to Apocalypse dark forces
I throw myself in abyss. Like month to flame.

With the soul being incurably wounded.
In fatal habit of raging emotions
Failing to remember of water and bread

blind a moles against the lights of proscenium
choking on the final gulp of oxygen
you still keep pursuing me. I – run to you.



We belong to one another by chance.
Two halves of the apple of different types.
One with stigma of fire beneath skin
other – sour, noble and uncommon.

Our sanctuary’s heavenly tree
Protects delicate twig of tenderness.
So each dusk we ourselves with caution
invite butterflies in the warm circle.

There also a home cricket’s scherzo.
Black female cat helping to write poems
and swallows’ nests in the window recess

happiness symbol. And night can be long,
and inside it the two dreamy halves
we become the one apple. And seed core.


Peeping At Hamlet

And the castle persists. Surely conscious of its consequence
on the stages of the world. On the edge of the moat
prince is just now. And Ophelia is running down
the stairs in a dress like a cloud.

So the ghost of Shakespeare rules Helsingor?
Every seven minutes a ferry-boat visits a harbour.
Among the interested crowd clown Yorrick,
simulating tourist, looks for his skull constantly.

Maybe there’s a method in this madness.
Tired prince is reaching for a newspaper
full of wisdoms from the space and the Earth.

And he is asking a question again. But till now
nobody shattered Hamlet’s doubts.
To be or notto be? The rest is silence.



KRYSTYNA KONECKA is a poet, journalist and photographer. She lives in Poland (Bialystok). She has a MA degree in Polish Philology (Warsaw University) and she completed postgraduate studies of Culture and Education (Silesian University). She has been working in journalism  and contributed articles to many magazines published in Warsaw. She has been working as photographer for a number of years and her numerous photographs have been published in magazines and presented at various exhibitions. Krystyna Konecka is a member of The Polish Writers’ Union (Warsaw branch). In poetry she favours sonnets. She is an author of nearly twenty books of poetry and reportages. Her poems have been published in Polish and foreign periodicals and anthologies. For her achievements poetry and journalism (reportages on social issues, literary and theatrical criticism, articles on the culture) Krystyna Konecka has received literary awards and was highly regarded by critics. She attends the international literary meetings.

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