Sunday, December 1, 2019



The Painter

I saw the artist paint with brush,
The setting sun, the lengthening shade
The near and further distant hills,
The valley where the lily shows its blade

And hides the nest of the noble thrush
He painted the valleys with their streams,
The giant oak and the stately pine
The quaking aspen leaves afloat

The evening breeze of summertime
And he left me standing lost in dreams
He mixed his colors in varied hue
As clouds suspended from the sky

From swaying limbs where the robin sings
And the eagle’s nest in mountains high
Beneath a sky of azure blue
It's here the artist stops and stands

Spellbound, he cannot overcome the spell
The sun, now set, has changed the scene
With different colors in the dell
He cannot match the master's hand


Light of illumination
filled the tiny vortex of my mind
A world colored river earth cloud and storm
Forestry crosswinds and fire

Ah natural madness beautiful madness
A sweet perfect chaotic choir
So I can drown snug in a sublime mire
And stand under waterfall of senses and bathe

Only to replenish the infinite orb of me
The glow of life this heavenly orb
Kept within everyone's old locket of sight
Then express I into free and walk into flight

With burdens plus pain hung from swift wings
Exploring portraying recording
The when and the being
Holding inside

Emotional spin time keep in heart beats
Thought sweeps and breath leaps
Yes, forever in glide
Another man holding time

Using soul as a guide and breathing in deep
This life my soul reaps

A Valiant Knight

Death springs a new day basking in the breeze
 In solemn moments lets pause to think of a place
 A far off castle in the mountains away from it all
 A valiant knight lived in the structure of its dwelling
 Those days of old where mere men had a noble demise
 A beautiful maiden was in waiting for her knight
 He would often fight for the cause of strength and dignity
 The draw bridge where the castle stood had a very unique aura
 A mystery of sort sought up in the vast array of crowned nobility

For the king on his thrown was humble yet greedy
 Always would take care of himself caring nothing for the needy
 A valiant knight was concerned about the king’s trust
 Often, they would disagree on who it was to serve
 A joker came in front of the king one day with a magic wand
 Waving the wand in the air then there floated ivy everywhere
 For the court jester was a fool in the making of his legacy
 The maiden would often come forth and see

For she treasured a red rose that was plucked sometime before
 Cherished the calling of her stature to the glory of the throne
 A valiant knight would often sing sweet songs in the night
 Had a following of village people that would sit before his feet
 Having a way of words that he would often share
 The castle was filled with dragons and warlocks searching for love
 A cause to be brave amidst uncertainty of the kingdom
 The legacy of golden bowls filled ardent vestibules
 Let us toast to the valiant knight who keeps a watch on all that is good


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