Sunday, December 1, 2019



My Eyes Are Fixed On You Lord

My eyes are fixed on you Lord,
no matter what the world has to say
I will not be moved
I surrender myself to you.

You O Lord are my guide,
You O Lord is my protector,
You O Lord are my fort
within which I stand

I look up to you Lord
with hope and faith
know you will bless me
when the time is right.

I will mediate on your sweet words
and will be a witness to the world.

A Table For Two

A table for two
is laid out -
whilst the
candle burnt out
the food turned cold
the chair lay empty
and the roses withered
what came next
another chapter!

I Find Peace

Keeping my faith in the Lord
I take one step at a time
I watch the bends and curves
and stay away from the sharp end.

With faith in God who loves me dearly
I surrender myself to him
for in Him I find peace,
that no man can give.

I love my God
and I love him dearly
I keep up my faith in Him
for peace in Him I find.


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