Sunday, December 1, 2019




Poetry, music of my soul,
The balm of the pains of life,
The most powerful prayer of the heart,
Blessing of nature, beauty of God's gratitude! 
On the journey of life you are the rainbow of hope!
My breath you!
Your name seals my name with care from Fate.
You, inalienable love, friend of innocence!
You walk with me through the archipelagos of myth and light,
and the world flies away from me,
in abstract flight in the clouds of ignorance.
My blood mixed with music, dance the love dance!

I'm With You.

I'm always with you,
In every letter, word, verse or line,
on the pages of the books you read.
I'm the first ray to kiss your beautiful eyes,
I am the moon's glow to seduce you.
Star that invites you to dream,
I am a spring tree full of leaves and flowers,
I'm the snow of mountain that refreshes you,
Wine to drunk with sweetness,
I Forgive you the rainbow colors.
My portrait comes out everywhere,
there is sea, sky, sun, dream, magic.
So, my heart laughs that I am with you.
Not a moment has passed from your look!
I am the twin soul that sleeps within you!
So, enjoy the life, my light!
I'm with you forever!


It's going to finish this summer 
along with a part of my life,
Where fear drinks desires in the echo of death 
my loneliness as a bird without wings 
reveals the world by words in the metamorphosis of time,
in the blur of the air,
in the disturbance of the light,
when the cruel wind of disappointment blows.
Night knows my worries; 
she sees my tears and the words I forgive to it
whispering in the emptiness of the century 
that scratch the soul 
with memories of the past 
flowing into my blood.
I hear to cry the night with me,
Then we comfort each other with infinitely look.


MARJETA SHATRO RRAPAJ is a writer from Albania. Poetry has been an inseparable part of her life, a passion that would be crowned with many publications in different periodicals and literary magazines. She is the author of six poetry books: “In the sea of my eyes”, “Migration with Twilight”, “To be ever God's smile",” Neethu’s”, “Hestia", "Vesta”. She is affirmed in the path of poetry with artistic maturity. She has written in prose: “Flickering of Seagulls”. She has 22video-poetry in You tube. She has translated in Albanian many stranger authors. She is a polyglot, she writes in Albanian French, English, German, Italian and Greek.

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