Monday, June 1, 2020



What Do You Want It To Be!

What do you want a tear to be
hanging on a thread of light
what rocks
with every caress of the wind?!

What do you want an eagle to be
that stands out on its first flight
leaving his nest forever
and fall in love with the wind
go and live in the sky?!

What do you want it to be
the caress of a child
who smiles at you and calls you: dad?!

What do you want it to be
when the heart stops
after your every kiss ?!

What do you want it to be
this is the life
a tear of joy
with a majestic chorus
of the seraphim?!

In The Company Of A Tear.

You will seek a rhythm
when the heart stops.
You will look for a small trail of light
when their eyes go out.
You will seek a caress of the wind
when the lungs are blocked.
You will seek the way out
from this maze
from these chains.
You will look for water
at the bottom of an arid well.
You will insist on seeking life
in the womb
or in the opening of a flower.
And in your desperation
like a madwoman seeks her madness
you will seek me
but you won't find me
I will be a torn poster
from a wall
the last drop of rain
that falls far from the ground.
You will seek, you will cry, you will despair
but I'm already gone
pushed by a flight of swallow
I will emigrate to the top of a mountain
and from there I will observe your ruin
like a burning city
i will be alone
in the company of a tear.

Like The Universe

I saw a boy
on the edge of a road
wore a suit
made of earth
and two shoes
of dust,
he was hungry
he was cold
and he was alone in the world
from his eyes
swollen and red
a tear came out,
then I picked it up
fall and I wanted to weigh it
but it was impossible
because it was heavy
as much as the whole universe.
I turned around
the boy was gone
kidnapped in flight
from the first breath of wind
so I was alone
and I started to cry
and every tear
fall on the ground
he made a deafening noise
which blew my eardrums
causing on earth
huge abysses
and it was there,
just in that instant,
that I understood for the first time
how much a tear weighs
poured into this land,
it's just a drop
but it is heavy
as much as the whole universe.


EMANUELE CILENTI, born in Messina, Italy, in 1981, is 38 years old, he is: poet, writer, actor, songwriter, film director. He has published ten books: "A blade of grass that tickles the sky", "Dream journeys of my soul", "I'm just a nightmare", "Violent percussions", "Heavenly whispers", "Infinite petals", " Echoes immortal "," Tears of ink on the face of the heart "," Help! I have two mummies in the house "," That wake of light and beauty ". As a poet and writer he won some poetry premieres and his poems were translated by the state into Spanish and Romanian. As a songwriter he wrote the lyrics for the album: "For me the world is you" by Antonio Giaimo, and "Oltre il destino" by Marco Sinatti, he also collaborates with other emerging singers of the Italian music scene through collaboration with the house record: GTStudio Recordings Publishing SRLS by Giovanni Torre. Come theater actor since 2007 with several theater companies in Messina. At the cinema he has participated in five Sicilian films, playing different comic and dramatic roles. As a video-maker, he has made four short films entitled: "Beyond the journey", "The death of the puppets", "The molds", "A sea of  T-shirts", “Deadly hypnosis”,  is found in the Youtube channel: https: // www. He has worked as a TV actor for Mediaset (Italian national TV).

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