Monday, June 1, 2020



Corona Virus. . .

The media is constantly appearing,
they warn all the bells,
how on planet hara,
infectious Corona virus!
A vicious pandemic of a virus,
is a worrying picture,
unfortunately, we are all witnesses,
that mortality is high in the world!
Therefore, all the instructions of the experts,
we must follow strictly,
so we will do our best,
and the deadly virus together wins!
If we weren't the problem ourselves,
and not be the same for others,
we take life responsibly,
let's fight the global plague!
Please take it seriously,
the current epidemiological situation,
Corona virus is not a common flu,
The corona is a threat to all of humanity!
© Slavka Bozovic

Covid -19

Spring looks like it used to,
except I was attacked by special sadness and worry
for the lives of my dear friends,
and the people of the entire planet
who are in the same problem
and pain due to Covid -19.
I would like to write about happiness, about joy,
but the soul resists the threat of global plague,
such gray clouds
and the cold rain soaks my heart
sighing in uncertainty.
Although we are physically isolated
and enclosed in shells,
we sympathize with each other,
we send messages of love,
we pray for the health of friends and theirs and family.
With the sounds of solitude and unpleasant silence,
we pour good luck with the sincere words "Beware"!
Regardless of the physical separation,
we are spiritually united by the common affliction of humanity - the Covid -19.
Our pure poetic hearts
and boundless loves, defies the global problem
and practically convey warm words of encouragement,
the light of souls with a message,
that true friendship has no boundaries,
nor does it divide people on any grounds.
We are all like one big family,
which despite its difficulties endeavors
defeat the plague of the 21st century - the Covid -19.
© Slavka Bozovic

We Are Not Mice . . .

Let's grab each other's hand and hug the whole planet,
we raise our voice against poverty, hunger, hatred and war,
they destroy peace and prosperity around the world.
through a silent poetic protest,
so that all the relevant institutions can hear us vote:
stop destroying us with wars,
and poisoned us with experimental viruses,
because we are not mice, but humans.

To live a life worthy of man
we have been given by God,
regardless of national religion and other differences,
peace, security and well-being
that we all need,
so let us unite as a flock of birds
in a peaceful and wise fight,
against the cataclysmic danger that threatens humanity
as an evil fate.
© Slavka Bozovic


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