Monday, June 1, 2020



Longing ... That Loses With Me

I miss my mother a lot
For her, my heart is crying
She made me happy  mornings, through dawn.
Like the full moon, nights in forehead kissed me.
I feel so small, lost in years
I miss every word, every single necking
I miss her aroma when she was near
I miss any sound, I miss everything.
I'm so empty mother,
For you I am in pain
I want to see your eyes, every wrinkle on your forehead.
To rest tired, my head over your lap
From your lullaby, let the world sleep.
I missed your voice, I don't want to forget
From my mind never leave, that terrible moment...
Something you want to say but you couldn't talk
Your life flew way
Torn us apart...
Longing for your sweet words.
For the tear on your eye
When at the front door
Always, love you my son, bye...
Even for your step
When come down the stairs
And the open arms, waiting for me, at gate
I will come and talk with you
Like we did, when you were here
I'll look you the eye, in your grave on my knees
To touch the soil and in years we walk...
Oh mother how much I want to talk...
© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Dated: 25/07/2019

You Rip Off My Summer.

Eh, the winter, tore this July in the middle...
With cold tears that flowing without stopping..
Got wet all the leaves, that had kissed the sun
It pulled out the outfits again, from the boxes
On the streets people are running their fate ...
They run under umbrellas...
And the plants happily drinking
Evry winters sip, coming from above...
A cold wind that loses nakedness ...
I don't know where the sun was confused.
Probably with winter they had some cause.
For some summer days, barrowed…
© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Dated: 16/07/2019

Mother-Lymph Of The World
(For Mother's Day)

Today, the moon promised me ..
I know, that keeps its word.
When to get through that plateau
With my mother's to stay close.

Talkk to her,with some words
And to say how much i love her
I can tell her myself
But i don't know,if she can hear me.

In that world, where she went
Angel is for us, her soul
Her eye, like the eyes of eagle’s
Up there in the moon, drawn.

My mother's heart is gone,
Since her soul to the stars, went
But I feel and I hear her
When i sleep, she's over my head.

Moon don't go, wait a bit
Talk to mother, send me a word
Today with my head up, in the sky
I look forward to see her alive.

If the world, would not have mothers
It would be, dried chump...
The mother is the lymph and the blood
Blossom the earth side by side.
© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Date: 11/05/2019


ADRIATIK JAÇE: He was born on 21.05.1971 in Përmet. After graduating from high school, he continued his studies in Tirana University. The passion for literature started when he was very young, passion which it grows throw years, as well as numerous reading, was transformed into poetry and creative spirit. Poetic dimension touches the highest peaks, has beautiful colors, deep meanings and furthermore express the idea that goes beyond limits of himself. His purpose is to represent world's peace and human integrity. Occupation: Military and Business Administration.

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