Monday, June 1, 2020



A New Beginning

On silent night
Where darkness screams loud
Fear and memories
No stars... No moonlight

Winds howling around
Your face is hidden
the clouds, running pretty fast
Taking with them,
Time and loving bounds

A glass window, transparent and wild
I stayed caged, in blind thoughts
Are all lovers, do the same
Loosing dreams into unknown side...

Awaiting the dawn.. The spring of hopes
When birds come back.. Chirping in charm
Smiling sky.. Opening its arms
A new beginning.. A dew rain drops

The Refugees In The Cold...

I will wait for you tonight
As I did for countless years
Waiting for a dawn   to show in sight
Dissipating the darkness of endless fears..

I kept on wandering in every street
Searching for flickering hope's light..
For doors to open, for welcoming seats
For hearts offering, warmth and friendly beats...

The frozen weather, the icy winds
Blowing around children, bare feet..
Gathered in empty rooms.. refugees left behind
Around a table. .with offered food and meat..

A gripping fear,
Tightens my heart and soul
How far can we help,
How long can they sustain..
Calling humanity from this bottomless hole..
Waiting for a dawn to extricate them from pain...

Peace And Brighter Days

Sliding in the valley of silence
Echoing my mute inner screams
Praying for a coming peace intense
When humans enjoy hopes and dreams...

Pleading the end of sadness plight
Of blinded eyes, on life opportunity
On broken hearts of loss and atrocity
With killing and Hatred in every sight...

What are we, what could I be
But drops of water, in human sea
With all of you.. We create motions
And waves will flow in peaceful emotions..

How could hearts mislead the way
To a global peace.. To brighter days....

September Of Every Year

The leaves are falling one by one
Still wearing the colors of sun
Red yellow, the fiery kaleidoscope
Gorgeous painting, covering the ground...

Trees keep dancing with timid wind
Exhibiting their bare shoulders
Letting go leaves and sacred wine..
Remaining naked with no reminders...

Leaves swirling playfully around
Memories with them..  under feet
Like tree, we let go, faces and sounds
And stay barren of loving heat..

Every year, September comes trailing its agitated sea
Let's keep dancing, with winds of life
Memories, as beautiful as they could be
Will flow, with rivers in the divine drive...

The Floating Flower

Like a flower, floating on the river of time
Like a breeze caressing a field of Lys
Love is that enchanting murmur of mirthful clime
A lullaby soothing aching hearts with peace...

How many nights we spent in that miracle of God
Hidden in our shell on our shore of bliss
Silent but for the tunes of ocean Ode
Forgetting yesterday, tomorrow in a stolen kiss

But the flower got to the ocean of silence
Petals defeated parted one by one
Love faded with the Autumn of absence
Summer nights of golden grace. Are gone...


HANA SHISHINY: Lebanese poet writer and translator Having poems in many anthologies Preparing my first poetry book to publish...Had art studies in American university In Beirut Lebanon Painter had many exhibitions. Interior designer and decorator in the real life Egyptian. Living in Cairo Egypt by marriage...

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