Monday, June 1, 2020



The Rose
 (A Poem To The Rose 1)

I'm melting the ice sources
And I'm bathing in them
My bloodstream get colder
Skin is pale
From the traces of sins
From the Genesis
Firstborn for you
I'm going down to your pillows
Pure, innocent
I'm bathing you with the roses' dew
With the beauty of the soul
I'm walking barefoot
Opening the gardens of Heavens
The Rose in grace
Opens magical petals
Drops petals
(It seems to disappear)
I collect them in my hands
Into a melted source submerge them
To inebriate your soul
With fragrant beauty
Of the Rose!

The Rose
(A Poem For The Rose 2)

Tonight, the rose will
Leave the gardens of my soul
The smell will bring with itself
And discard before journey the thorns
For my remember
I'll stay under the stars
Talking with myself
My talk with you
Will give a bith to the dawn
In which they take you
Somewhere behind the sunrays
I'm looking for my rose
By smell
Hurn by
Its thorns
From memory
So in a circle
Through the rosary
Night and day
On thorns

I Feel You Like A River

You are coming and expanding my flows
You are sinking my decisions
Rooted in sandy shores
On which I write down everything
Not to forget
Let me ask you where you are
How are you
Are you sleeping
There is no fear of death
As we flow
To each other in the plunge
Where our submarines are hiding
Into the core of the submerged
You’re my tattoo
You will die after me
I embalmed you
Tar letters
Which flows down my chamber
I feel you, like myself
You’re coming up and killing my plans
Every thought seeks you
And you say
I’m here
Just read the signs
On printed skin
Let go down the streams
Dive into my abysses
Make loose decisions beforehand
My arms are open
They were crucified on them
That your mouth water
She spills on me
Like a waterless waterfall
In the middle of nowhere
Where is our home
Which words we build
To hide us
When we escape
Down the streams of blue
All reasons not to surrender …

Nothing More

it won’t touch!
She screams in a voiceless voice
magic verse.
I stared blankly
in my eyes I remember
to protect me
from the words of the slain.
Never those letters
I’m not going to forgive
they mean nothing to me
the words are delicious
to drive the mind crazy
to get me on my knees
in the rapture of the cast
I don’t believe the verse
what dawns you today
a night for you
it has magic,
the nights are yours
fornicatory couloirs
and all love in the morning
drown the tide
marijanajtheferpopov @

He Does Not Seek In Me!

Hidden nest of cowards
nor the rock under which
have poisoned themselves …
Spider web
in my soul
does not knit my thoughts.
There is none in me
weapons of the murderer
there is no poisonous arrow.
You’re looking in vain!
All I am
in my clear
eyes say!
No hiding place!
Transparent green
and deep enough,
look through my eyes,
to the bottom of my soul.
marijanajtheferpopov @

I’ll Stop By Tonight

to whisper something to you
To the headboard
smells of broth
To touch you
In a dream!
Java is too evil
Too visible
ah, I’m ashamed
and I have no style
Oh, I do!
Leave the dream open
Don’t make the door creak
let it be total darkness
not to scare me the hay
your shiver
When tonight
with a longing body
i promise
In a dream!
marijanajtheferpopov @


MARIJA NAJTHEFER POPOV: Born in Sivac (Backa, Vojvodina, Serbia) on March 11, 1958, where she met a beautiful written word. Since 1996, she lives and creates in Zrenjanin. Until now, she has been published in more than a hundred joint, domestic and international poetry collections; published in several domestic and foreign journals; translated into several languages. Her first solo collection of poems, “I WRITE A WOMAN,” was released in 2018. (The detailed analysis and criticism of the collection published in the literary magazine “Luca” Subotica) The motive behind her poetry is Rose and Woman in all its beauty and splendor… Love is the initiator of everything!

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  1. Roses ...
    Petals - memories
    and buds - the future.
    The present - enjoying beauty and tenderness