Wednesday, September 1, 2021





Please Read Me As I Am


Please read me as I am

a book of words and pictures

a book of people, places and things

a book of numbers and graphics

a book of winds and waves

and journeys of man and animals

hammered in parchment 

bonded in erudition


sometimes I can make you laugh

if you have a sense of humor

or make you cry, don't ask me why

or watch you devour me

only to relish more, some more


please read me as I am

let me be your puja

in an atmosphere

of lavender and jasmine

and capture the evanescence

of our past, present and future


nothing to escape

nothing to hide

sometimes derisive

or deceptive and divisive

a story-teller with a mind filtered

on pages with numbers


fingered in enigmatic delight

under the scrutiny of your kindled light

you must taste me first

make certain the palate offers

sweet or sour approval

and then some


as you swallow knowingly

ingredients oozing enzymes

with finer prints

and then some

for the digestive juices

to relish in recessed delight


meanwhile as I play

with the tourniquet

of Sir Francis Bacon

please read me as I am.


Caged Child


Like a night gripping darkness amidst light

turning halogens in sombre delight

a caged child whimpers with a moaning gripe

and certainty languishes without hype.


Early dawn shimmers with glory of sun

shadows move stealthily, nowhere to run

a caged child sobs uncannily with fear

while hunger crawls with a stomach so bare.


Sun strikes radiant rays of harmony

across azure sky and earth aplenty

a caged child stands still, yearning for mother

absence haunts the mind, ‘What happened to her? '


When night or day there is only ennui

why rely on border security?


Burning Bridges

(terza rima)

Burning bridges makes crossing difficult

When the toll is free without any fee

This flame you carry will bring such tumult.


Alone you’re likely to fetch your enmity

Let alone weigh your mind with such burden

That’ll leave you restless to eternity.


So bring yourself to bare friendly, open

Alliance with kith and kin, all of us

For Life is short, no matter road taken.


Sometimes anger is like a broken truss

That will make you belligerent so high

But will leave you cringing with so much fuss.


Why not grant yourself solace, breathe a sigh

And share some happiness, before you die?



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