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Between Thorns And Roses


... From girl to woman ... a difficult path to travel

But nothing is so difficult as not to try. Difficult

Times of border conflicts between countries

For rights that some have and others do not

Want to recognize them. Meanwhile families

With a mother's weakened health problems.

As the mother's stronghold collapsed,

Being taken in conflict of life or death

Imminent; a little girl would start very soon

Her fight for life that would test her on more

Than one occasion throughout its growth.

Her suffering would not take long to appear.

A father marching into a meaningless war because;

Today nothing is the same as, on that occasion in

Where the abandonment of a few will not be reverse.

It will be reflected in their lives… perhaps in some

More than others. Little Rocio will see on her

Path thorns after roses and thorns... so it was.

Those thorns did not prevent her from seeing the future with hope

Of a God who could twist the course of the evil of the

Everyday live. Stumbling blocks, small stones at the start

Of that war there; but, deficiencies and bad people with others

Interest in deteriorating the live of defenseless child

What was worse for the innocent little… Rocio.

… Between roses and thorns it passed, with godparents

Taking care of the girl and an early abandonment

When her adorable godmother dies of a fulminating

Disease and; the wickedness of a substitute widow with

Hungry daughters obsessed with the promised inheritance

From a rich marriage belonging to a high social status...

From idolized girl with beautiful plans of an education

Privileged... so dreamed of by Rocio... obscured by

The recent occurrence and the intrusion of perversity of

The wicked; taking advantage of the godfather's absences

To go to the role of Cinderella... part of slave with take

Away from privileges, dreams cut short to total servitude.

Running aimlessly was salvation... walking aimlessly through

The narrow streets of the town... and a ray of light in sight

With the doors of the church in her path inviting it to enter

In search of droplets of hope from a noble soul that a pity

For a little girl in disgrace. A superior light illuminating

The priest with a solution from a nearby convent.

Life in that convent reinvented Rocio’s life from one

Different form; learning to cook, embroider and sew was

The solution of your own free will. Again education it was

Relegated; seeming to be that, it would never be a topic comply.

Cleaning and cleaning floors was never ending but; a few

Years later it would change everything for an accidental crash.

The unexpected appearance of a young man with a dissipated

Life Own young men with nightlife, party and passenger.

Comings and goings... time passed... and without thinking

Something was it was brewing in that blue prince's thought.

One Sunday in a Sunday visit meeting; the young man

He located the place where Rocio lived to start courting her.

Encounters not wanted by the young woman happened until;

Achieve interest and acceptance and; that Juan never surrendered

Until he achieved his purpose. As expected, love emerged

Fed with patience from the young man; converging in permission

To visit the young woman in the convent with authorizations

Of the Superiority of the church due to the situation of Rocio.

All life of suffering from stumbling blocks, stones and obstacles

Purposely placed by wicked, envious, and greedy people; they

Were not obstacles for a girl to have a better world. And the find

humanitarian people who; they could come out in her protection,

Helping her turn course with faith for a better future so she can having

A beautiful and much-desired family to which she never gave up.





A little girl; like a shadow mystery,

Silence and intrigues of its origin... muddies childhood.

Innocence without certain questions that, a part was missing

And it isn’t known; there are no explanatory answers either

Well the uncertainty is total. But there is something doubtful.

Childhood devoted to not asking with a dad very

Busy with businesses that, retain and occupy it.

Ancient times of no question and no answer; probably,

As what was already known was thus, there were

No doubts about respect. But something was wrong.

The months run and; also the years and still the girl

Hasn’t asked anything... perhaps there is no doubt or;

Maybe there is not enough intelligence to notice that

Something not well. Years later the loss of a father

That nothing was missing with a supposed bad mother.

Always with permanent abuse and absent of the father

During the trips and; later after go to heaven with the

Supreme God; the mother did not look loving and with

A sweet gesture towards Blanca. It looked like a nightmare;

That big woman who had to take care of the little one.

Already growing up when moving away from the city of

That perversity of woman; Blanca had a late phone call

At night ... outside an incessant rain like washing everything…

With an unknown woman's voice turned out to be a

Daughter of that supposed bad mother. Bewilderment…?

Something unthinkable and never imagined; that wicked

Woman she had died leaving an impending message saying

That: “I am not your true mother and the roles are not real.

Your real mother stayed in Spain and you were the result

Of a bet of men advanced in years to fulfill”.

A barbarity and something atrocious! Blanca was stunned in front

To such a macabre revelation. The voice went on saying: "I’m

The true daughter of Concepción and my mother changed in the

Papers your last name after your father passed away. Your real

Mother was a young secretary to her father to show his manhood."

The voice continued: "My mother asked me in her mortuary bed

To reveal the truth to you; so that, she could rest in peace. Of

Your real mother didn’t know the name because she was a

Bet on old men challenging him to be a father; but

He loved you very much and always cared for you.”

The macabre step-change plan that the stepmother made was by

The way because, there were many properties and inheritance...

For the girl Blanca. Warned of this; made her husband adopt

To her children with the last name, which did correspond to

The girl to keep the goods, the girl was totally unaware.

Intrigue, mystery, doubts and everything one can imagine.

Words that made sense of unspoken questions and

Answers not answered. Pain by an unknown mother and

Never known... faceless and nameless to whom to pray a

Prayer of a life not shared and a death not witnessed.

The ordering ideas, the questions with answers, grief and pain for

Not knowing the truth. Blanca's sadness was immense. Time heals

Everything and; the immensity of the heart of this suffering woman

Was overcome with compassionate way of being and immense love her

Daughters love. Faith in the Lord brought this noble woman to her feet.

There was a macabre end; but there was healing and forgiveness from Blanca!



Borges… Genius

Universal Literary Bastion


Borges... like a thousand-year-old bird flying over

Flapping with essential literary missionary genius

Liberator of the light of words in poetry

Searching for feeling in the confines of wisdom.


Borges… mind and literature; and a millionaire in scholarship!

Branded frivolous with a smiling face and excellent sense

Of humor… Restless, self-critical and sincere in opinions

Of great clarity. Wisdom of a hundred lives, brilliant mind

Filled with kindness... so unknown to the awards

Nobles; but, the coveted award did not have the great honor

To have awarded you and have you in its delivery history.

Nobel you already were and you will continue to be post-morten.

You won over your readers that; your name has traveled for all

The world with your books on airplanes, ships

And suitcases. That even in airports they have time for you;

Discovering your stories and poems, enjoying them all

The occurrences with which you shaped your books. Your readers

They already judged the great Nobel prize because it escaped them

The great of Argentine literature. You emanated wisdom

And perfection in literature and philosophy. Genius between

The geniuses... Borges catches readers, captivates and captivates.

The Argentines and the world didn’t have enough conscience

To understand the size of man "Borges in history

From Universal Literature”. Borges... the writer and the poet

Without equal to; not only did he travel in life but; his work gave

And he will continue to go around the world forever in reading

A must for lovers of the beauty of art in letters!

Your lack was just being blind; but, you flew over the imagination

Of words; mastering your knowledge and cunning

As a writer; you described better than, anyone with magical voices

Which reverberates dazzling avid readers of your books and

Of your vast intelligence, erudition and good sense of humor.

Cervantes… Quevedo… and Borges left indelible marks

In Castilian literature! Borges scholar wise in the management

Of the words with the precise and sober prose of him he pierced

The borders of Argentina, from the American to the international

You will pass for the sake of the history of Universal Literature

Along with Homer, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Alighieri and Goethe!




Writer: Ana María Manuel Rosa (Argentina)

What is consistency? It sounds familiar! Not?

Coherence... how has it been lost...! What

If anyone saw it, let me know where it is, please!

Co… Inheritance as the inheritance of values

Moral and ethical and shame in the face of the facts

Verifiable and crimes in the eyes of the

Observers who are neither more nor less… the people.

Rulers who, today said one thing... like

That they did not return with this or that candidate or party

Politician… And… Mr. Money buyer of minds;

Like art and magic, it is not only life that brings them together.

Maybe they talked to each other making peace,

But they are again mixed, scrambled

And how they lost the "coherence" ladies and gentlemen!

They no longer remember what they said yesterday with a change

Of speech! From so many lies and radio interviews

And televisions lying about... what they said that

"NEVER AGAIN" they forgot and Doña Coherencia left!

And the coherence so poor is lost; and we are reminded them

They said and they do not show a hair of their heads moving

Nor blush with shame like living statues!

What power Lord of the Heavens and of the Universe it has

More than you Don Money that buys minds, silences,

Shame, changes of plans, judges, justice, laws

And everything in its path! Those still lack coherence of speeches

And their faithful children witness the actions of their parents and we say

That education begins at home... and the chain is not cut

Because their children will repeat the same story as their parents.

Consistency, please show up! Citizens of the world

They claim your presence. And you know what...? Consistency has been

Marched away from so much shame has that no one has

Known; and says that one day she will return when men

Learn to be fair, generous, kind, decent,

Workers, not to be criminals in white gloves and to be

Decent in the public function not to steal what does not belong to them.


Mendoza Autumn


Autumn in Mendoza so well-known

With platens with those trunks fine

Stocky showing how old they are and

With golden leaves bordering the shore

Of beautifully ornamented streets.

Traditional interlaced golden yellow between

The branches of the platens on one side

And from the other of the path like; twinned

Providing a natural view at this time

Seasonal of the year beautifying the road.

The leaves of the big old platens

Expire, each falling in time. Mendoza

Autumn, far and wide provincial,

Similar landscapes... postcards

Travelers reflected in different areas.

It is a delight to travel in the different

Mendoza routes; contemplating from

A car such seasonal outlook that God

Gives faithful to his creation; together

To the wind mixed with the warm time.

The expiration of the life of the leaves

It expires little by little; falling one here,

Other there and another beyond but; none to

The time. Mendoza autumn... beautiful

Landscape… inalienable captured photo.



Dr. ANA MARÍA MANUEL ROSA, born in the city of San Rafael in the province of Mendoza (Argentina), is a Bromatologist received at the National University of Cuyo, Professor of English as a Second Language received in the USA, Tutor in Virtual Environments received at ITU Technological University Institute from UNCUYO, Literary Corrector, Editor and Writer. The famous writer, novelist, poet, short story writer, researcher, historian and international speaker Ana María Manuel Rosa is Doctor Honoris Cause, too is Master Honoris Cause, has the Recognition of the Medal of the Order of Cervantes and the Recognition of the Medal of Kairat Duissenov; she is an Honorary Member of the International Arts Council (IAC); Honorary Member of the Latin American Poets Club; Member of CIESART 2017105433-AR; Honorary Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Tarija; Latin American Lady of Poetry; Director of the Mendoza Delegation of the North American Academy of International Modern Literature ANLMI Argentine Republic Chapter; Recognition of the Academy of the Government of Gujarat India for Argentina within 350 writers and poets of the world from 80 countries; Peace Love Member of International Human Rights Organization IHRO; Universal Ambassador of Peace from Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors (France-Swiss); Universal Ambassador of Culture; Literature Ambassador; International Ambassador for Creativity and Humanity; Cultural Ambassador for the World in Argentina of CIESART; Women Ambassador Sunflower Culture of Equity; Humanitarian Ambassador; Ambassador of  Access to Human Rights International AHRI; and International Ambassador of Peace of World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights WLFPHR.  She has recently been appointed with the position of Executive Director of Cohesion Cultural Projects: History, Poetry, Arts, Food Science, Education and Creation; Narrative, Biodiversity, Multidisciplinary Gender Equality of the International Sunflower Women and Men Network in Mendoza (Argentina) 2021-2022. She is an Honorable Advisor of the forum Poetry and Literature World Vision of Bangladesh. Too she is Moderator in the forum International Forum for Creativity and Humanity of Morocco. There are some others forums where she is advisor, moderator and administrator. She is General Director of Social Theme of CIESART (Chamber International of Writers and Artists) of Barcelona (Spain). Too, she is a Foreign Advisor of SURYODAYA of India the literary forum of India for Argentina. Dr. Ana Maria Manuel Rosa is a President of Argentina and Spain in the Alliance of Organization of Art, Creativity and Goodwill OACG among Morocco-Argentina-Spain signed with the President of the IFCH International Forum for Creativity and Humanity of Morocco Dr. Aziz Mountassir. And she is the Creator and Administrator of the space in the Facebook called Organization of Art, Creativity and Goodwill from Argentina. Too she organized and is a Founder Member of the Alliance Cultural Universal ACU of Argentina for all over the world. And she has been honored in life with her name in the creation of the "Dr. Ana María Manuel Rosa" Virtual Popular Library from Facebook to the world fed with books from great world-renowned literatures, Nobles and other areas of knowledge; being the first library of this nature and the first in the world in homage to a writer in life. She has already published 22 books

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