Wednesday, September 1, 2021




Brooding Skies


What can you give at twilight hours

When the dimming eyes seek support

Will you turn nights into rivers

With lighted oil lamps afloat

Or will it be a patient sojourn

Beside the telephone in the wizened hour

Waiting for a sign of dawn in lonely moments

Of fear, smelly whitened hair and boring bottles of medication.

Will blood connect or severe ties

The question hangs in brooding skies.



Our Days


While the day is still dew

The vapours gather in a slice of fear

Cut out of a tremendous mass

Of perplexities and sinister hopes

That brew and swirl in magnificence.

Meanwhile the cities evolve

With tentacles reaching out to stars

Fiery machines and red mushrooms

Juxtaposed in beauteous scars.

Dewy lustre and wondrous scar

Our daily prayers for forgiving grace.





Bubbles in sparkling wine in glass

Each a potency of emancipation,

Quivering on borderline

Of finite form and formlessness.

Effervescent moments in time

In sleepy slanting rays on sill

Wavering between wistfulness

And desire for willful oblivion.

Between the bubbly moments that burst

Forever dies a thousand deaths.



Dr.PIKU CHOWDHURY teaches in a post graduate Govt. aided college and is an Editor, Author, painter, translator, singer, poet, photographer, mental health facilitator. She serves as a Research guide and Resource Person in various teacher education and mental health programs.

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