Wednesday, September 1, 2021




The Long Lost Heart ..


I found my love

In your eyes

When you looked at me

Through your heart's eyes

I melted on your embrace So sweet

My heart I have given you long back

But you took it as a joke

Brimming with love

You held me close at last

And a thunderbolt

Struck my heart

I could never feel

The same with anyone

But you carried away my heart and wandered through beautiful woods

Green and lush!

Yes, I melted in your love

So divine and sublime!

You kept on looking at me

Till I surrendered to you

In the end!

A love story of all times

Began to be written

In the history of lovers!

I found my long-lost love

In your embrace!


Sarala Balachandran



My Goddess ..


The more i think of her

The more i fall in love with her

Over and over again

How i wish to hold her close

And lay my head on her shoulders

The more i think of her

The more i need her close

A love so sublime and sweet

A love so innocent and unconditional

A love that transcends all

When i keep my eyes shut

She comes dancing n humming those

Beautiful love songs, her anklets jingling as she walks towards me

Playing with her golden tresses

She has given me a new lease of life

When I was deserted by all my friends

Her eyes mesmerise me

With the flutters of her long lashes

She sings lullabies

When i cant sleep at night

She strokes my hair till

I fall off to sleep

She is the girl i love most

When she looks at me with those

bright sparkling eyes

I want to squeeze her chubby cheeks

She is the magician

Who does magic to my dying heart

She is my goddess of love

She tickles my face

With her curly long tresses

She wipes my tears when i shed a tear

She is the princess of my heart

Today and every day !


Sarala Balachandran



The Beautiful Rose It Was ....


This rose I had kept in my heart

In the safest corner for no one to steal

Nurtured with love n care

From the inner core of my very being

Somehow the love was lost

Never to be found anywhere

My imagination running high

Wandering hither thither

Looking for the lost love

But the love I had savoured

For long wandered to far far away lands

I felt gloomy and felt a fire in my heart

Choking me to near death

The rose caught fire from

My intense burning for my love

The rose burnt out slowly

Emitting smoke of sorrow

As the love never returned !

I sat under the moonlight

Fanning my burning heart

Wrote few verses on my life

And the ink flow stopped

Still waiting .. a non-ending wait

Hoping my love will return

With a fresh rose fragrant n swèet

And tuck it in my heart!



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