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It Is Not Enough


It is never enough to give, of what you have,

the best to the recipient

and he always sees little or nothing at all.

It is not enough to repeat sincere words

to express unique feelings

that are born,

continue to grow,

with dedication and daily care.

It is not enough to pay attention

and give priority in all respects to only one person

that you consider above and never like any other.

It is not enough to write rivers of poetic words and thoughts

that flow night and say from the soul to the sheet, inexhaustible ink borrowed even from the blue of the ocean

and from the indelible transparency,

hidden and secret of tears

that, more and more often,

they accompany and flavor the sweetness of many moments with bitterness.

It is not enough to breathe its perfume

that soaks the soul every moment and remembers that only one is the gaze that mirrors itself inside.

Emits joy from the clear,

faded eye color,

repeatedly washed by the salty taste of tears that sometimes frees

others, impregnated,

of happy emotion and often of misunderstandings and unfounded concepts of apparent convictions.

It is not enough to build the golden castle of dreams day by day, but what is more difficult is the maintenance

made of complicity and embraces of minds, of two souls in one,

as it was from the beginning with patience as a delicate rose, resistant with a few drops of dew

to file the prickles of thorns

that we already know how much harm they cause.

It is not enough to say I love you a thousand times,

the greatest value that is never enough is to answer those who love you to accept all the infinite affirmations that need to be confirmed by the other half in order not to make the soul of the universe hang in the balance.




I breathe your thought of love,

vital scent of dark moments

that do not obscure your soul enveloped by the fresh aroma that I feel persistent and strong, bursting is reflected in a mirror of swirling murky waters,

opposition intent in the attack to end a feeling tied to the double red thread at distance.

Will resist intact,

it will not bow to the will of occult forces that struggle when there is great love

and they cannot bear the happiness of others.

Attempts to annihilate.

Nothing is given away

and they must earn that joy,

sweat seven shirts until a day

in which they will be victorious not defeated.


It Is Insatiable


Fill hunger for feelings

to sip during the double nights

and the days when,

superimposed night hours,

is a call to continue that dream,

not interrupted,

that passes the tireless mutual baton.

Together to nourish and then, separated with care, to take to heart every little moment and to caress every desire so that it becomes real.

You, the master,

in directing the car of the carousel to avoid collisions

and repair from a spark that the wind blowing on it wants to consume.

You, the master who protects and caresses at the right time,

of profuse commitment to remain linked by the little finger that holds that red thread of union tightly

and index fingers pointing in the same direction.

It is insatiable to welcome every word that disarms,

it heals the soul and favors the encounter.

Word always perpetuates not only sentiment but transcendent spirituality,

prerogative of elected representatives,

of those who know the gratitude to the God of man who needs more and more signs

and to believe in human love as a gift from him.




ELISA MASCIA: Born in Santa Croce di Magliano (Cb), on 13/04/1956, she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb).  She is a retired teacher.  She is a writer, poet, declaimer, radio host, reviewer, sworn in poetry competitions, cultural promoter. Writing is a real need in her life and is inspired by whatever or event surrounds it. She has participated in many national and international poetry competitions, obtaining prizes, certificates of participation, merits and honorable mentions. She receives invitations to participate in multiple international and world events, commemorative and thematic events. In July 2019, the first collection of poems was published in the Silloge entitled "La Grattugia della Luna" with "L’ inedito Letterario ". She has participated in 10 editions of the Histonium Award and in 2019 with the Silloge Sogni paintings of 10 unpublished poems inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo who held the role of teacher for her, marking a decisive turning point in the activity of poet -Writer. She has translated some poems by the poet NilavroNill Shoovro and included in the annual anthologies and monthly archive of world poets edited by the same poet-publisher.  The book of poems "Savage Wind" published by "L’Inedito" by poet Asoke Kumar Mitra was translated and edited by her in September 2019. She is Academic, Coordinator and Administrator of Italy in the Luso-Brasileiro Albap Academy. She is a member of the Poetas del mundo Movement. She is the editor of a web page, dedicated to the dissemination of culture, from the editorial staff of Alessandria today, an online newspaper, directed by dr.  Pier Carlo Lava. She is Grihaswamini's ambassador in Italy. She is a member and participant in the prestigious Golden Family of the Munir Mezyed Foundation for Art and Culture-Romania. Collaboration with the Nicaraguan periodist Carlos Javier Jarquin. Enrolled in Writers Capital Foundation. Member of the European Executive Council of RENAISSANCE MILLENNIUM III of George Onsy. Member of the Thrinakìa Prize Jury, President Orazio Maria Valastro


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