Wednesday, September 1, 2021




Between Two Wings...


Through flames

Through loneliness

Life moves

From spring to summer

When light falls on my face

its shadow falls over you.


Between two wings

Dreams touch the farthest star

Between two polarities

Life spins and learns to keep balance


A celestial light illumines a path

It runs to the stars

Just a short walk to reach there


Can’t hide, you can't run away

Between our songs

The curtains may blow away

Why this emptiness when

I am not far away!


Now come! get our fingers

intertwined... a bit squeezed

Let's walk around the fallen leaves

amidst the ripening flowers of fall


Now it’s almost time to

say goodbye to winter starlight

as we move forward to spring delights


Our journey round the sun

Dances in rhythmic measures

Life's treasure is not so cheap

We live to pay for it ...



Last Night...


Drunken night was weeping in pain

Murky sky was whispering rain

Stars had lost their track to heaven


Every throb of pain

was gathering in silence

The door was open

and you came


You looked into my face

I was torn into shreds

and disappeared into immeasurable depths


Now wind moans in the dale   

Tear-stained cheeks of dawn looks pale

It was just a dream, I console myself


You say

' Dreams have their own ways

Sometimes fill our palms with golden sand

If dreams die, life becomes a broken winged bird '



Missing You Today Again...


Your memory is still there

Clings to a moulding wall

At every gust, they push me back

 Leaves murmur on dead grass.


Now earth is parched under the burning sun

Wet sea knows land's thirsty soul


Once again, my ocean of thoughts roar

' You are my breath ' I told,

do you remember!

Where are you at, my eyes look for

I just wish, you feel my love ...


Missing you today again

The sky is overcast with clouds

It seems today, it will rain

Again, tears will make my feet wet.


It is you,

who gives me a thrill with each heartbeat

If in life

everything pulsates into a rhythm ...




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA is a bilingual poet. Her Odia and English poems are translated into many national and international languages and are published in prestigious anthologies, international   ezines and Journals. She is a senator, elected to 'World Union of Poets' and an active member of Unamos al Mundo con la Poesia, Mexico.



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