Wednesday, September 1, 2021





As You Sow

So You Shall Reap


All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye

the world changed its facet

A predator, a ruthless invader

conquered our planet

As we are busy making plans

short, medium, and long-term

He barged in with no previous warning

scythe in hand, pitilessly reaping souls

age of buds, old, adults, and young

Was it that seed grown in scientists' lab

supposed to be for the welfare of humanity

Alas! nurtured on nonchalance and unlawful curiosity

our world shook unexpectedly

A sudden tsunami

turned our world upside down

that seed grew beyond expectations

Agape! life is dressed in apprehension

the world is witnessing transformation

all done under request

what a shameful harvest



Sorry Calendar


You may wonder why I stopped writing

You may have missed page filling

You certainly felt idleness and boredom

For not knowing what to do today

and the days following

Do not think it a choice of mine

You know well you are my leader

my guide and reminder

Remember dear when I used to make plans

short, medium, or long-term

Remember how meticulous I was

Appointments with date and time

Alas, now it is no longer permissible

I am crippled, wing-clipped, eye-blurred

I cannot see beyond the very present moment

The pandemic paralyzed my senses, my pen

and my dreams as well!

Promises too became orphans

bereft of a warrant

Time is witnessing a tsunami

swallowing lives and rejecting corpses

the alive are counting losses

living between apprehension and the unknown

And, you, calendar, thrown somewhere

thirsty for my pen to scribble a date

be patient dear! it is a matter of fate

Have you heard of despair pleading hope, calendar?

yes, dear! the callous virus

is a metamorphosis, it changed lives and thoughts

the world has become all prayers

all eyes focused on the heavenly gate

for a prompt relief

all ears for an optimistic piece of news

I rely on your prayers, calendar

to meet soon!

I will douse you with emotions

just like when I used to tickle your pages

with my nonchalant handwriting

that slants from left to right and vice versa

it might be horizontal or vertical

but all the same, you were satiated and full

and you and I, very happy, loaded with joy to the brim

Sorry Calendar! it is neither neglect nor a whim,

simply the future has become dim!



False Promises


All of a sudden, I found myself a Queen

A throne, a crown, even in dreams not seen

Doused with compliments, matchless I mean

And I built a castle where I would dwell

with gardens, birds, roses, and sea-shell

I even saw happiness in golden cups served to me

And with every day, I add to my cup a drop

of the sweet dream

I wove a silken veil to wrap my fairy tale

with words, I used to read in poetry

Till the day my slumber was disturbed

My dreams shattered, my castle collapsed

Built on false promises! how could I believe

I am now buried under the lies of yesterday

fighting the rubble to find my way!

I am akin to the cliff in destiny

Slapped by waves, yet worshipping the sea!

Gigi Mejri ©




GIGI MEJRI (pen name) is a Tunisian teacher of English interested in poetry. She published two books: "The Beautiful Silence" , "Sounds" available on Amazon. She participated in different Anthologies and won several prizes.

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