Tuesday, March 1, 2022







The large banyan tree

Spread out in the garden green

Soaks in the tropical beams

Flaunting it's branches and leaves

Standing strong rooted to the ground

Then it wanted more

It kept sending it's shoots down

That promptly took root

And it's fare spread far and wide

One day the evil eye did turn

Came along a thunder storm

Raging and raving at a maddening speed

Tossing and turning the world in its teeth

The pride of the Banyan lay low

Uprooted it cried on the floor

It's strong limbs had to be chopped off

To make a clearing for the path

Someone picked up a tiny sapling

Took it home to grow it at ease

Making cuts here and there

Keeping it under check and control

The Banyan grew a stunted growth

Decorative as a drawing room piece

In a small pot a bonsai it became

Glistening with the little sun and warmth it received

At least it was alive

The rest of its family was now dead wood

It made friends with the cactus nearby

Who was from a different clime

Where it's family practiced contentment

Taking little of the water that it received

Preserving it in the face of the harsh sun

To blossom pink flowers on its prickly skin

The Banyan mulled in silence

Over the wisdom of the cactus tree

The economy of its produce

It's nonchalant existence

Living in all climes and shades

Enjoying a full life!




Fear is in the air

It's deadly ... beware!

Touch, sneeze, cough.

No no don't even dare ...!

Sanitizers masks hand wash to go

Ammunition for the war

Nature seems to be enraged

Social isolation so far

The only preventive...

For its spreading with breath

Life breath is breathing death!

COVID vanquishes, isolated in air

It's affecting only man so far we know.  ..

Crushing the pride of man's pomposity

Divided by nations, colour and God

COVID attacks irrespective of all

Uniting all in a battle for survival

United in approach, action and belief

Only isolated can social man

Make it once more...


Winter Warmth


Soft woollens wrapped around my shivering being

Mauve double layered cap

Multi-coloured sweater

Woollen leggings to warm socks

Winter in a hill station is an enviable delight

The bright azure sky

The sunny sunshine

Shining through the window glass

On the small wet pieces of clothing

Tactfully tucked on and through the painted iron bars

Onto the books and stuff piled on the table

Down the carpeted floor to climb the wooden bed

Warming the sheets and blankets that struggle to hold the heat

When the sun leaves

And the street light goes on

Just outside my window

Like a fixed moon

The glasses turn cold to touch

Misty as the vapour melts

And icy fingers seem to scratch the glass panes

Sliding down unable to hold on

I put on the kettle to brew a hot cup of creamy coffee

To drink with some tangy snacks and nuts

Sitting with my legs buried into a stretch of double blankets

Missing the warmth of home

Even in this warm winter eve!




MADHU SRIWASTAV is an Assistant Professor of English based in Kolkata. She is a poet, translator, reviewer and critic. With numerous publications to her credit. Her poems have been widely published and anthologized in National and International journals and magazines both print and online. Her debut book of poems Trips Climbs Circles has been well reviewed. She is passionate about poetry and also coordinates poetry events on behalf of Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library, Kolkata.

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