Tuesday, March 1, 2022





At Times


Despite the cold

the permafrost in me is melting.



closed in its body -



As if she had made an appointment with the day

let it not dawn

night asks for a starless sky.


Just a disobedient thought,

leaves for a moment

frozen body.


It flows to the hills,

picks flowers,

sings with the birds.


He dips his feet

in hot sand -

collects amber and comes back.



weave wreaths of tares.


A Blank Sheet Of Paper


I would like to write you down

with golden letters

of which happiness

it will echo.


Tuck between the lines

the colors of love,

hope which

dawn comes.


Maybe you won't accept

wishes for the New Year -

he doesn't give gifts,

life goes on by itself


And I am with quiet hope

I trust Anna Domini -

that I will describe you

with golden letters.


Over The Years


I pick up every crumb from the table

as if with fear

after your memories.


You said - mom did

long pockets on the apron

you have been looking for a crust of bread longer

with the hope of satisfying hunger.


Behind the great wall

the roar of machines and the smell of waffles,

neatly packaged,

exported somewhere for others.


From scraps

the most delicious was the soup,

brushed with beetroot syrup.


And yet you have grown up

in a short coat,

frostbitten hands,

no requirements.




JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK: She was born on May 22, 1957. in Świebodzice. Winner of many poetry competitions. Member of the "Witryna" Literary Association in Stalowa Wola. Member of the "Kwadrat" International Literary and Artistic Group in Krakow. Member of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw. Member of the "Poetic Conversation with God" Poetic Group. Warsaw. A member of the "Peron Literacki" poetic group A member of the "Poetic Phoenix Feather" Group Has published four volumes of poems: She is the co-author of six literary notebooks, twenty anthologies, including five international ones. Her poems are regularly published in the international monthly "OUR POETRY ARCHIVE ONLINE MONTHLY POETRY JOURNAL". Founder of the Non-affiliated Group of Poets "Saffo" at GBP in Zebrzydowice


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