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Walked Without Fear  •••


Between the dates of the month

or the days in the calendar

On the wheels of time, I dared to walk without fear

Neither I questioned nor I cared to know


In my busy moments or in dark lonely days

The oars of hope move back and forth and

sways at par with the cadence of your call

To all your dismaying attitude, I aimlessly bow


Hope, you remove the illusion awhile

And stop sailing it away with ungentle wind

Now, the birds of the morning don’t not even sing

Making me restless with my heart acutely throbbing.


It makes me feel

I have no option to play

And better I wipe you from memory for good

I opt to say


Believe me,

A dew washed autumn is lost in a mangrove in tangles

As the gaiety of love silent in your lip lock shackles


Wish that spread wings and flutter in the wind

Beyond my eyes swing

And these illusions kept behind the screen

In the silence of dusk ever cheering.

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra




A Trusted Veneration...


A tiresome confluence

Of river ful thirst and boiling desire

Made her to rest eyes closed in despair.

She continues to be in a carefree sleep.

Please allow her to keep on minus a peep.


Unlike a storm stricken dale

She has confined to her pains

In her dolorous wail.


Floating over the murmurs

Of torments and convulsions

She looks for a stray of Hope

towards tranquiller faith

In the midst of a trusted veneration.


Please don't wake her up

Wish she continues in her sleeps

That she had a beautiful soul and a heart

Was blowing from her lips.

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra



North Wind


Her frosty fingertips caressed them

With the winkling of an eye

they shed leaves

Under the current of a breeze


Their graves apparently waited for them

With extended arms to embrace

Murmuring a series of ethical songs

Of truth and salvation

While cuddling them in motherly manner

With the silky touch of solace.

While entering the grave

They yelled


Oh  Dear!

Please remember

Though the sun sets in the evening

Yet rises again, the next morning

And who is destined to leave you now

Possibly returns the next moment

Wait with patience for the next spring

We will return with valour

To live in your company for ever.

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra



The Last Hour ...


Please don’t move away

Rather budge up to huddle together

The biting cold shall pass away

a while after.


Time now

that wicks in the lamp be incited

to burn with a raised flame

disseminating warmth undulated

The winter will be accelerated

And the chilled weather

of course will get evacuated


Just wipe out darkness

from under the eye lids

with the feeble light of the warming fire

Suck the body nectar

out of its glittering artistic attire.


Now almost the dawn is nearing

The shamefaced north wind

has started atoning

What for then it changed the attitude

It is just to remove the pathos filled solitude.


Oh my love!

It is now time to put off the lamp

Wish these splendid moments be spent

in tight embrace in our lap

The chilled atmosphere shall get itself warmed up

with the magnificent tepidity  in close up.


May the lamp now be turned off

The dawn has set in

And the darkness is slowly going off ...

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra



Another Love Poem



I am a lamp misread in a waxed night

As the tenebrosity deliquesces

I turn to be 

Infructuous and useless.


Yet, I feel

Your chilled and impregnable perceptions

Look for my benign presence ever

In each of its disclaimer

And abnegations .


But why?

Why? and What for?

When you take me to be impalpable?

and insubstantial insignificant,

yet trivial and meager?


Wish you realise

That Godhead experienced through extoling hymns

Is not the same as that in a total abdication

and ductile submission.

So also that a lover’s portrait in a framed art in frigidity

Is never as like a live-in lover as in reality.


Oh, my dear!

I am often confused

If you know the gentle law of living

That the world is a spheroid

And every end meets here a new beginning.

In as much as

Every fire tends to turn to smudges for a next regeneration

And deep dark night fades away

leaving pace to a new dawn.


May what so ever be in mind

May what so ever be the confusion

Wish I go with a deep sleep

In your extended arms

Where in lieu of love, I would opt to forget my depression


Oh my love!

May the world sleep with me in consolation.

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra



Hey Ram


My dear ever revered Lord!

Now that the palace at Purushottam

Is blemished and in its ruins,

Right to death obviously is conferred on you,

As the stream of repentances

Warrants critical appreciation and regulations as well

Over self-own cloudy deeds.


Oh, my Lord!

Please allow me

To wipe out and expunge

 the black spots rendered by the radiance flux of moonlight

From and out of your dark-skinned body,

To abrade your feet and remove the muds of dusky dusts

Just as illuminated light of Ayodhya wilts at dawn

And to rid of your  memory

 associated there to.


Oh, the Lord

Evidently known

That you are the only aggrieved human of the so-called Rama-Rajya 

The holy waters of the river Saraju thus await for your sacred immersion

Just come and make a secret jump into it

No one will ever guess

Who jumped into the waters

Whether a man or a God


Oh Sarayu,

What the hell that your waters

are too icy to jump into.

 Rajashree Mohapatra




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA: Born in Odisha in India has received her masters degree in ' History '  and 'Journalism  and  Mass Communication' from Utkal University,  Odisha .She is a teacher by profession. Being a post graduate in ' Environmental Education and Industrial  Waste Management ' from Sambalpur University Odisha , she has  devoted herself  as a Social Activist for the cause of social justice, Environmental issues  and human rights  in remote areas  through Non-governmental organisations. Poetry ,Painting and Journalism are her passions .

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