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Africa, Homeland of grief and burning war... 

The solitary alley of the gods, bitterly laughed at by ancestral spirits that capture moments and hand out smiles to the Unspeakable!

Moons of Hope the hungry children that bare

 the slope of agony but don’t let go!

The lighted twinkle of the Sea a peaceful signal to the Undefeated!


Africa, Homeland of Struggle and Wisdom, Fighter of muted enslavement with Ones Soul, Ones Power.

A Star lighted beam embroiders in Silence the color purple of Freedom.

Unconquered breath of humans, send a sign of fire to Mount Olympus!

Memories speak the silence of the Sun while the nightingales, the kind that only Kings can hear, get enchanted by that holy sound!


Africa, Homeland of Anger, speaks the truth to heated hearts against the Unjust!

Unjust, the sign of Evil, the one the nobles brought, Injustice, rosary of slavery, fury of Jesus Redemption.

A heap of candles, an oversight of Heaven, the Homeland of Wealth, the Homeland of Power!

A Continent praised by the Forest Fairies.

Spirits of the weeping mountains

rise your raging spears along with the peaceful stars

Rise the Holy melodies of the nightingale and the woodpecker.

Oh, Sacred Ambassadors of Peace lead the Living Souls of the Sorrowful.


The Barbarians


Dr Miltiadis Ntovas

Sadness, midnight, he alone, all alone,

in front of him opened the narrow wild path.

A sad path, in a dark city.

A dark state and at the same time full of starlight.

Once upon a time, barbarians passed.

The barbarians, the sacrilegious visitors of time.

They left ruins and debris behind, broken

red cars and windows, a broken oracle,

scorched earth full of corpses.

Destroying. That's what they learned, that's what they got used to.

Because they were barbarians.

Hidden in the bowels of last night,

they are smiling like maniacs.

A smile of mockery and sacrilege.

The night is leaving, the barbarians can not bare the light of dawn

they will withdraw any moment now, they will withdraw

running away scared.

Chased by the fire of the first red sunbeam.

Resurrection is calling, time to celebrate.


Οι Βάρβαροι

Δρ Μιλτιάδης Ντόβας


Θλίψη,  μεσάνυχτα,  εκείνος  μόνος,  ολομόναχος,

μπροστά  του  ανοιγόταν  το  στενό  αγριεμένο  μονοπάτι.

Ένα  μονοπάτι  λυπημένο,  σε  μια  πόλη  σκοτεινή.

Μια  πολιτεία  σκοτεινή  και  συνάμα  ολόφωτη  απ’ 


Πέρασαν  κάποτε  μέσα  στο  χρόνο  οι  βάρβαροι.

Οι  βάρβαροι,  οι  ιερόσυλοι  επισκέπτες  του  χρόνου.

Άφησαν  πίσω  τους  ερείπια  και  συντρίμμια,  σπασμένα 

κόκκινα  αυτοκίνητα  και  τζάμια,  ένα  μαντείο  γκρεμισμένο, 

καμένη  γη  γεμάτη  πτώματα.

Έτσι  είχαν  μάθει,  έτσι  είχαν  συνηθίσει,  να  καταστρέφουν. 

Γιατί  ήταν  βάρβαροι. 

Κρυμμένοι  στα  σπλάχνα  της  νύχτας  που  μας  πέρασε,  όλο 

μανία  σκάνε  χαμόγελο.

Χαμόγελο  εμπαιγμού  και  ιεροσυλίας.

Η  νύχτα  φεύγει,  χάραξε  το  ξημέρωμα  οι  βάρβαροι  δεν 

αντέχουν  το  φως,  όπου  να  ‘ναι   θα  φύγουν,  θα  φύγουν 

τρέχοντας   τρομαγμένοι.

Κυνηγημένοι  απ’  τη  φωτιά  της  πρώτης  κόκκινης  ηλιαχτίδας.

Σήμανε  ανάσταση,  σήμανε  γιορτή.



(Translation Poems “Aspects of Life” and “The Barbarians” of Miltiadis Ntovas: Xanthi Hondrou-Hill).




MILTIADIS NTOVAS or Dovas was born  in  Ioannina  of  the  Greece  in  1972.  He studied Philosophy  and  Pedagogy  and  is  a  PhD  of  Philosophy  at  the University  of  Ioannina.  He  works  as  an  Professor.  He  co-write  essays,  fairy tales  and  five  thousand  poems,  nine  thousand  haiku  and  tristiches  and  two  epics.  He  published  nine  poetry  collections  and  one  scientific  study.

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