Tuesday, March 1, 2022





The Last Appearance


At dawn, the night reveals the curtain

A great entertainment starts

- The ocean shows its beauty and vastness


The wind plays passionately

On the strings of the waves

Birds soar over the foaming water

And the whales chant love songs


Huge humpback whales

With the grace of the athletes

Make daring somersaults

On the white background of the Arctic glaciers


This spectacle has been going on for centuries

And soon it will be held for the last time

The actors will leave for ever

 - There will be no encores and no bows


The whale skeletons will be silent

In the spacious museum halls

Under the watchful gaze of the dead birds




When I think of Argentina

- a beautiful girl in a silver dress,

girded with a sash from heaven and snow,

which she fastens with a sun-shaped brooch,

emerges from my imagination.


She is tall and slender

- she touches the ice of Patagonia

with her feet in the white pumps

 and she loosens her long hair

 in the thicket of the tropical jungle.


In her gaze the cloudless sky over the Andes

and the vastness of the ocean is reflected.

Her heart beats to the rhythm of the tango,

danced by everyone torn by passion

in the beautiful capital city - Buenos Aires.


She has the joy of a carefree child,

who likes to play with the ball all day?

but when nostalgia hits her,

she plays love songs on a green guitar

borrowed from Graciela Yraizoz




Empty chair by the Christmas table.

Thousands of glittering flames

Dance on colorful ornaments.

The whole world trembles, it slowly rocks.

Green spruce smells like the woods.


Like Ariadne, I weave

Angel hair into memories and silence.

I return to happy hours,

To events that are now but dreams.

I listen to every murmur, rustle.

It seems, that at last I will hear

Familiar footsteps on the other side of the door



ALICJA MARIA KUBERSKA – awarded Polish poetess, novelist, journalist, editor. In 2011 she published her first volume of poems entitled: “The Glass Reality”.  Her second volume “Analysis of Feelings”, was published in 2012. The third collection “Moments” was published in English in 2014, both in Poland and in the USA. In 2014, she also published the novel – “Virtual roses” and volume of poems “On the border of dream”. Next year her volume entitled “Girl in the Mirror” was published in the UK and “Love me”, “(Not) my poem” in the USA. In 2015 she also edited anthology entitled “The Other Side of the Screen”. In 2016 she edited two volumes: “ Taste of  Love” (USA), “Thief of Dreams” (Poland) and international anthology entitled “ Love is like Air” (USA).Next year she published volume in Polish entitled “ View From the Window”, collection of love poems in Arabic and English entitled “ Love like arabesque ( together with Egyptian poet Mandour Saleh Hikiel). In 2018 she published international anthology “Love Postcards” and her volume in Russian entitled “Selected poems”. She is a chief editor of series of anthologies entitled “Metaphor of Contemporary” (Poland). Her poems have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Spain, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Israel, the USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Uzbekistan,  South Korea, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria and Australia. Her volumes were translated into Albanian language by famous poet and academic Mr Jeton Kelmendi, into Telugu language by famous Hindu poet Mr Lanka Siva Rama Prasad, into Turkish by famous Turkish poet Metin Cengiz, into Italian by famous Italian poetess Maria Miraglia and into Arabic by famous Syrian poetess Shurouk Hammouud. She won: distinction (2014) and medal (2015) on Nosside poetry competition in Italy, statuette in Lithuania (2015), medal of European Academy Science, Arts and Letters in France (2018)), award of Cultural Festival International “Tra le parole e l’ infinito” Italy (2018) She was also twice nominated to the Pushcart Prize in the USA. Alicja Kuberska is a member of the Polish Writers Associations in Warsaw (Poland), E- literaci (Poland)and IWA Bogdani, (Albania). She is also a member of directors’ board of Soflay Literature Foundation (Pakistan), Our Poetry Archive (India). She is Polish Ambassador of Culture of The Inner Child Press (the USA). She belongs to Editorial Advisory Board of Sahitya Anand (India) and IPA Editorial (India).

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