Tuesday, March 1, 2022





The New Year


The New Year approaches

And I have made no resolutions

Just wishing and praying for more,

Less and none

In the coming year

I pray for more:

More Love, Joy, Happiness,

Friends and memories

Unending hugs and kisses

Endless breathtaking sights

Eternal luminescent Sunshine

Loving calming waves

In endless Sea of Life,

Echoing Oceans,

And boundless

Clearer skies

More dreams to fill

I Pray  for less

For the coming years

Less worry

Less waste, less haste

Less pain, less sorrow

Less hate, less anger

Less inflated egos,


For none evermore

No terror

No homicide, No Genocide

 No wars

No abuse of our brothers

Sisters, children and wives

No love of money

No World of ignorance and indifference

That slowing chokes life

And erodes all sacred and loved

Causing hate,

Greed, corruption

Without Conscious

Or Soul

I wish there be

No thoughts of I

More thoughts of We

More thoughts of God

No acts of evil

I pray for more

Hope filled hearts

With Love,

And Peace

© Juanita Garcia Vera






The soccer ball lies on the field

Without a foot to move

The crowd of parents silent

The lights of fields glow blue

In lightning strike

You ran on by

Without a last goodbye 

The weathered glove

The ball and bat

Lie without use

Of arms to strike

The bike of gray and black

With spikes and lights

And horn

I couldn’t bear

Its silence

It now hangs on the tree

Now every time the wind flies by

The spikes and spokes move freely


The pictures on a shelf

Along with books and cards

Collections steeped and treasured

Collecting   rusty   dust



 Skates on shelf of closet

A   foot imprinted there

A Soul and Heart

Like leather glove

Were molded with such care

Prints on walls and windows

The paths on roads and trails

They mark the trails and meadows

Now covered with new growth



A memory is a picture

In constant rhyme and hue

It never fades or changes

No matter what you do

Inside the heart live traces

In prints of Love so treasured

I see my love has wandered

Among the endless places

Of all Celestial spaces

And when the stars of Heaven

Shine with HIS endless love

I see the most amazing traces

OF times HE walked with me

© Juanita García Vera





It’s Four am

And all still sleeping

I’m awake ready for the day

To come to light

Have to pull some weeds in the garden

Make some fresh aromatic brew

Ah, some hot coffee smells good right now

Caffeine to get the pump drumming

Pulsating life into all things

Memories of other mornings

In some distant flash bulb bubble

Brings to mind

Father already up getting ready

To go to work

The fields freshly cleared

Are ready for spring planting

Golden Yellow Delicious Corn, Green Beans

Green Crenshaw Squash

Tomatoes, Carrots, and

 Wild Bird’s Eye Peppers

Lie covered in tiny

Mint Green leaves

The morning thick fog has lifted

Leaving the fields and grasses

Shinning like finely cut diamond lights

The tear dew drops are

Dancing in the morning rays

Its going

To be a warm Sunny day

I am with thoughts of tasks

To be accomplished today

It’s Today some many years later

The excitement is still here

Hope of Sunny days ahead

Shine in all thoughts

While I sit up in bed

Planning the day ahead

Time hastens without halt

As it was back then

Only now age has slowed

My pace a bit

I have learned to be patient

And be prepared for a change

In direction and plan

Another alternative hides

Just beyond this thought

Solitude becomes me

It is a time of reflection

Enlightenment and appreciation

Bird songs welcome

The first rays of Sunlight

And I too bow in gratitude

For another start of day

For as long as I can remember

I am up and moving

With purpose and hope

Making this Old World spin

And shine for me

And everyone I see

By the Grace of God

I am

Just another grain in the fields

© Juanita Garcia Vera




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