Tuesday, March 1, 2022







Rumbling, gushing

Contrive music

Listeners thrilled,

Jump of waves

Ah, so delightful!

Attractive appearance

Fishes of

Different colors,

Multiple size, shape,

Healthy green banks,

To rest, have nightmares,

Once upon a time....

Dry space

Full of sand

Shape only of zigzag flow


Bones and remains

Of fishes, aquatics

Chains of ants,

Picking particles, happily,

Serpents crawling around

In search of meals.

Creatures thrashing.

The shallow river

Source of countless lives,

Vanished, dried

Life there, too,

No water

No vegetation

Thirst, hunger.

Vultures gliding,

Enough attractions.

Why, how!

That vibrant river

Turned dry, Barron!

Is it nature’s law?

Or, swindling, misuse

By men,

Why could not foresight!

The soulful presence,

Turned into lost

Enjoyable dream





Majestic Mountain

Dark and divine

Brown sometimes green

Ample vegetation, pristine

Welcomes first Sun ray

Message of dawn, delight, day

Alters colors with Sunshine

Rocks, snow, trees of pine,

Dare to climb, welcomes warmly

Allured, aroused ponder curiously

Invites to be proud & strong,

Though journey to the top, rigorous, long

But man never accepts defeat,

Struggles hard, victory greets,

Its beauty, charm always in consideration

Give wings to artistry for introspection,

Many described it’s galore, grace,

Much more to venture --yet empty space....





Across the window

I tried to view

There was thick fog

Had wrapped everything

In its white wrapper

Tried curiously, succeeded,

Could see a thin line of

Mountain range,


There will be fresh greenery

But now, looks white monument

Bushes, trees, flowers, roads

Drenched in whiteness of mist

Wish to feel their soft coolness

After treacherous summer, filthy rains

My favorite season is there

Woolens of multiple patterns, I love,

Aroma of piping hot coffee,

Intoxicates me,

Oh, lovely amusing, winter....




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