Tuesday, March 1, 2022





Ends Of The Earth


I wake up and wail as I ponder

Crying to understand what life is all about

Yet I find little or no answer

As I get lost.


Under the shadow of trees, I am not free

 Yonder the window of doubts I try to sprout

   Beyond I reach to teach but within ditch.


Upon the ends of the earth, I run

I grab voices to shout aloud

 I borrow noises to ring the alarm

   hearken dear earth upon my homeward way.


From the ends of the earth I mourn

 Seeking peace and love to live

  consoling myself shamefully in pain,

    Lo, here pegs the lungs of a child

       a child buried amidst life and plenty because he was hated.


If I Ruled You


Give me your neck let me strangle you

 so that you would know I am your ruler,

   and a tormentor.


If I ruled you, you wouldn't breathe

 because I would deprive you of air and nostrils,

  I would blind your eyes and shut your mind

    you know I am your ruler.


I would skin you alive and butcher you

just give me a chance, you would like it,

 this life you live is uncalled for, you dare not.


If I ruled you, I would vomit on you

 that way I would be the lord and king,

If I ruled you, no need for your voice nor word.




Jezebel, got married to Abel

She built a brothel for citadel

And he raised an altar to alter all.


Jezebel stole a holy pole

And her pole was a hole,

Abel, a Fidel in whole

He sacrificed and was sanctified.


Jezebel, the plotter and rioter

Destroyer and spoiler,

Abel, the cleaner and teacher

Learner and lifter.


Jezebel, a coiled cobra

Abel, an able army

Parallel, opposite and unlike

Both, in a forced marriage.




NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHA: A poet/writer/thinker/tailor, award winning anthologist, has authored 23 poetry books, featured in over 110 international anthologies, published over 320 pieces in over 40 countries, has been translated and published in over 13 languages. Her books have been archived in the US Library of Congress and other libraries too.


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