Friday, July 1, 2022





Necessity is the mother of invention

recites an old adage,

so I bow before the strength of the fragile,

so thin under the weight of the cross

scattered at random from genetic alterations

or by blind fate that one day could kiss me.

They will certainly wait for you ditches and hollows,

confusing roundabouts, spiral stairs and steep descents...

 Yet it is not in you the obstacle to the goal,

 It is in the subjunctive of the indifferent

in the litanies of the perhaps

and in if he could,

but he has a melodious voice of the wingless sparrow...



As A Rolled Roll





Hunted down.

She was weightless.

 In her mind Christmas toys,

when she took off

to slip hand rests of imaginary stairs.

She photographed the scene

that still comes to her mind

as a rolled roll of folds of the past.



The Weight Of A Shortfall


In the void I feel

it is that full that I miss.

 Silence is oriented in the lost voices.

Graffiti of a time

they fade now in dust without identity.

I stay here with the weight of a shortfall.




CLAUDIA PICCINNO is a teacher, poet and translator, she lives and teaches in the north of Italy. Operating in more than 100 anthologies, she’s member of the jury in many national and international literary prizes. She has been the Continental Director for Europe in the World Festival Poetry from April 2019 to September 2021, she represents Istanbul culture in Italy as Ambassador of Ist Sanat Art Association. She has published 41 poetry books, among her own poetry collections and other poets' translations into Italian language. She was conferred with the most prestigious award “Stele of Rosetta” in Istanbul in 2016, the Literary Awards Naji Naaman Prize 2018, “World icon for peace” for Wip in Ondo city, Nigeria, in April 2017; Global Icon Award 2020 for Writers Capital International Foundation, The light of Galata, Turkey 2021, Sahitto International Jury Award, Bangladesh 2021,Aco Karamanov festival in Radovish,Macedonia,2021. She gained almost 250 prizes in Italy for poetry and cultural merits. Her poem "In Blue" is played on a majolica stele posted on the seafront in Santa Caterina di Nardo (Le). She is European editor for the international literary magazine Papirus in Turkey and for Atunis Magazine international. She is responsible for poetry in the Italian magazine called Gazzetta of Istanbul, printed in Turkey by the Italian community. She writes for e-magazine and literature newspapers such as Menabò, Verbumpress, Il Porticciolo.

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