Friday, July 1, 2022



Why Do I Love You?


There are seven seas and and na ocean between us

And ninety nine thousand mountains and a lake.

There is more than a street, a garden, na airport and a sky.

And there you are, where you live,

I don’t know how long is the distance between us

But I know that I love you

And how to love you

But I don’t know why I love you…

I don’t know how love is born inside the heart

And how it breaks into the world of the heart and all its details

Or how it smiles in my blood and my arteries,

Whenever your black eyes few and hovered over my face.

Since your love entered and hurt my heart

I love you more than you do

And more than you can imagine

More than what poets imagine!

More than what goes on in the orbits

And more than what happens when night and day alternate.

I love you, a word I don’t understand how it gets born on the lips and tickles the ribs,

I don’t understand all these amazing expressions that colour my face, when I leave myself in your arms,

Or when you dole out your sunshine smile in front of me,

Then my heart spurts like a sweet fountain.

I don’t know or understand why my heart chose you over other men,

And why all this love and this longing are for you alone

But all I know is that

I Love You…



No Tomb For Me


Because there is no tomb for me, nor a companion for my shadow.

Fate stubbornly stubbed the formation’s eyelids

From the very beginning...

Since the beginning of the formation...

I am the hidden wanderer in the belly of the sunset,

Alone I go through the desert and the wastelands,

Fast wind precedes me,

Scorching endless heat slaps me,

Gnaws at my neck at the edge of pain…

Causes me pain

Makes me sore,

The sand and foam erupt...

And because we are old...

The ink of pain spilled into the crucible of the soul..

Who buys the remains of a cemetery?!

Who buys trash?!

The markets to the bottom of the abyss,

Ar empty except for shrines!

And because sand has no tombs; Nothing left but the salt of absence..

Fate fell into the niche of pain; My face fell in the broken shadow..

Maybe God would bless a day when I will be born

So i can become a full moon that almost died.




Along the extended pain

The tears just babbled

There no monotonous

Between the margins of chaos and the fathoms of the mirage.

And along the extended poem

One heartbeat is enough

To burn the cities of lovers

The darkness intensifies

And the night’s hand misleads

A single bullet is roaming the distances

Carrying its coffin on its shoulders and sleeps

A single bullet is enough

For the sun to preside on the newspaper’s surface

And darkness recedes

 Nothing separates the unseen from the unrevealed,

And there is no sequel for doomsday

But judgement day,

There is no decrease in time

And no difference in abstraction…




TAGHRID BOU MERHI: Lebanese Poetess, Writer, Translator. Arabic teacher for non-native speakers. Living in Brazil. Holds a Law Degree. Editor of AL-ARABE TODAY and RAINBOW Magazine. Fluent in Arabic (native language), French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. She has published 5 collections of poetry. Her poems have been published in numerous international anthologies. She has translated 8 books. Published in various Literary magazines, journals, anthologies and websites. Her poems have been translated into more than 24 languages. She won the Nizar Sartawi International Translator Award for Creativity 2021 in the field of translation and literature.


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